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Rockguardz PG450 Mudguardz review

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Product Full Name | Rockguardz PG450 Mudguardz

Retail Price | £23.50/£33.50 with custom decals

Available From | Rockguardz

Rockguardz PG450 – great for keeping crap out of your face

Following on from their popular carbon fibre fender, is this new cheaper model – made from Polypropylene.Rockguardz PG450


The Details

Using the same shape, the Rockguardz PG450 is the same 450mm size as the most popular carbon model, and is also available in a shorter PG350 (350mm) model. It comes black with no decals as standard, and you can choose the colour graphics you want for an extra tenner – if colour matching is your thing.

Made from Polypropylene, the Rockguardz PG450 is a malleable fender – meaning if you twist or deform it in a crash it can be persuaded back in to shape easily. The carbon model is a lot stiffer, and needs care to reshape if you manage to bend it – so this model is the better option if you’re crash prone or chuck your bike in the boot of the car.

The rear of the guard has a great shape that catches the major spray excellently, and the front pushes most spray back on to the tyre. We tried the Rockguardz PG450 with a Rockshox Pike; a Lyrik and both the Fox 34 and 36 – due to the brace height, there is more clearance on Fox forks, but we had no issues on a Lyrik with a 2.4in tyre.Rockguardz PG450 Mudguardz

With a simple four cable tie mounting, it pretty much fits anything and offers plenty of clearance – though boost forks do need a little more care as the fork legs are wider apart.

Rockguardz PG450 Mudguardz


Full coverage fenders like the Rockguardz PG450 offer the best protection from slop and spray, but can fall short when it comes to really thick claggy mud – but so far this winter we’ve not had any issues with clogging.

Being malleable, you can be quite hands on with the PG450 to help mud drop off if you need to.

We Say

The Rockguardz PG450 is a great mudguard and a decent buy for under £24.

Considering the protection it offers, it looks discreet – and weighing under 100grams you can leave it on year round too.

A decent bit of kit for keeping the slop and spray away from your face. Recommended.




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