Core Bike 2017 | Part 1

January 23rd, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Core Bike 2017

Here’s a few cool things from our first walk around Core Bike Show 2017 – includes bikes and kit from Praxis; Evil; DMR; Mondraker, Knog, Yeti and more…

DMR Sled

Core Bike 2017

Core Bike 2017 – DMR Sled

This bangin’ new aluminium bike from DMR features 160mm travel, operated via a concentric pivot design called Orbit Link. This keeps chain length consistent and eliminates dropped chains when you bottom out – something that always bugged DMR designer Olly Wilkins.

Frame pricing is £1600, and there are various builds available.

Full bike check and gallery on this exciting new Brit bomber coming this week.

e13 TRS Plus Dropper post

This excellent looking dropper post comes in both 30.9 and 31.6mm sizes, and two drops.

Operated by cable, the bottom of the post houses a cable nipple – and the lever has a T25 Torx clamp for easy adjustment. The posts also have indexed heights to which the post can be dropped (125mm drop can do 60/95mm as well as fully compressed whilst the 150mm drop offers 90 and 120mm presets.

Retail price is £259.99.

Praxis Lyft Crank


This stunning carbon crank is claimed to be the lightest on the market – even beating the amazing Race Face offering – and it has the best finish we’ve seen. You need to see the satin finish in the flesh to see how nice it looks – if you visit Core make a b-line for the Upgrade room!

It uses a BB30 axle that is not part of the cranks – great for replacing separate parts or transferring between bikes with wider axles.

The chain ring design uses the MRP Wave system for chain retention and has a laser etched chain impression on the ring to ensure you get it right.

Knog PWR modular lights

Based on a similar principle to power tools like Makita, these exciting new lights from Knog see three different light units, and three different power packs. They are all interchangeable meaning you can pick the option that suits you best, and the lights themselves can be programmed from your computer via a dedicated App that allows you to choose the modes that suit your riding.

Light power is 600/1000 and 1850 Lumens.

Another very cool feature of the PWR system is that the batteries can be used to charge your phone (or any USB device) and also power a number of other Knog products – like their camping light or outdoor speaker. Like Makita power tools, the units without batteries are great value – you just use the battery you already have.

Mondraker Crafty E-Bike

It’s an e-bike, and a Mondraker – which means I want one!

This 27.5 plus sized beast looks like it would go like stink any where you point it. If you’ve not tried an e-bike yet, you really must try one before you judge them. They are so much fun!


Race Face, Yeti and Evil

The Silverfish crew have a slick set up at Core 2017, with loads of bike porn and cool accessories in there – here’s a few of the bits we liked…

Core Bike 2017

We have a full bike check coming on this stunning Yeti – keep an eye out on Factory Jackson for it!

Evil’s latest bike The Calling is incredible in the flesh – and the Angry Dolphin colour is the best yet! Check out our bike check on the Calling right here

Race Face gear is always great looking – they have a huge range of carbon and CNC machined trickery on display at Core 2017.

Evoc also have loads of great kit – bit it’s the simple stuff we like, like this First Aid kit. Buy one and keep it in your riding pack – it will come in handy at some point! The latest Beti from Yeti Cycles is the SB5 model – absolutely stunning.




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