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Topeak Ridecase Weatherproof Phone Case

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Product Full Name | Topeak Weatherproof Ridecase (this model for iPhone 6/6s)

Retail Price | £44.99/£62.99 (without/with mount)

Available From | Extra UK

Topeak Ridecase – weatherproof phone case and bike mount

For those that ride with a phone on them, you’ll already know how easily they can die from moisture or a few hard knocks.

This Topeak case is weatherproof, tough and is available to fit various different iPhones…Topeak Ridecase

The Details

Currently available to fit the iPhone 5 and 6 models, the Topeak Ridecase is a tough unit that is bash resistant, waterproof and still retains touch screen compatibility.

The case has a slide lock on the top, and opens up to accept the phone. Topeak Ridecase

Externally there are buttons for the volume and on/off buttons – whilst the bottom of the unit has two plugs that seal the headphone jack and lightning cable port.

On the back of the case is a groove with recess, that locates to the included adjustable stem mount (also available without the mount) for secure mounting to your bike. This won’t suit most off roaders,  but if you want to make the most of the free Topeak Panobike App it’s pretty good.

The Panobike App is free on the App Store, and is a great companion to the Topeak Ridecase if you want to track rides and check your progression.

It tracks GPS Speed (current; average and max); Distance; Time; Altitude; Calories burned; Cadence and Heart Rate (with compatible sensor and strap); GPS mapping. It’s a quality app and worth downloading to monitor your rides – the information is clearly displayed and seems accurate (comparing to other apps like Strava and Endomundo).

More info on the Panobike App right here:

We Say

The Topeak Ridecase is fairly compact compared to other similar specced rugged phone cases, and doesn’t take up much room in your pocket. We like how tough it feels and the fact we can leave it in a damp bag or pocket all day whilst riding without having to worry about the phone inside.

The covered screen still allows the touch screen to work, though we struggled to make it work with fingerprints through the screen. 

Although the stem mount will be useful for many riders, it’s not our cup of tea and it’s still sat on our desk.






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