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Product Full Name | Fabric Tool Keg

Retail Price | £13.99

Available From | Fabric Cycling 

Fabric Tool Keg – on board storage

Roadies have long used cut up water bottles to stash inner tubes and tools in, so you can see where this idea came from.

The nice difference with the Fabric Tool Keg, is that it uses the same mounting system as the brilliant Cageless Bottle (check it right here) and looks very neat and tidy on the bike.

Fabric Tool Keg

Although in summer I like using a water bottle and often take a chance without a spare tube etc; I’ve been keeping the Fabric Tool Keg on my bike since it came in for test, and use the excellent Source Hipster to carry water; my wallet; keys; energy gel and a small pump. It’s a great fit and forget item that will come in handy at some point. If you have bottle mounts on the underside of your down tube; it’s a great way of making use of them.

The Details

The Fabric Tool Keg is made from the same BPA free plastic as the water bottles, and is completely watertight when closed.Fabric Tool Keg

Inside is a neoprene sleeve that stops tools rattling round inside, and also has loops for removing from the bottle. You’ll need these if stuffing a lot of gear inside.

Supplied with the Keg are two sets of mounts and bolts – so you can share amongst bikes.

Out on the trail

I keep a 27.5in inner tube; CO2 cartridge with adaptor; tyre lever and both 11 and 12speed chain master links in my Fabric Tool Keg – which weighs 327grams loaded.  Combined with a compact multitool in my pocket, this means I always have the bare minimum on my bike to get me home without having to think about packing kit.

Fabric Tool Keg

Inside the Fabric Tool Keg I carry a light weight 27.5in presta tube (it’ll fit any rim, and can stretch in to a 29er tyre too); Pedros tyre lever; CO2 cartridge; inflator adaptor and tape both 11 and 12 speed SRAM joining links in to the lid. I could fit a small multi-tool in there too, but tend to carry that in a pocket for ease of use.

Although I’ve had barely any issues losing bottles with the mounting system that Fabric use, but you can over tighten the mounts to make the Keg very secure on the bike.

I’ve never lost it – even when left on during bumpy uplifts, but you can customise the fit easily.

It’s particularly useful for me on a daily basis as I often commute with a heavy camera bag – and switch the keg between all the bikes I use, as I’m already a fan of the Cageless Bottle system.

Over the last year I’ve tried a lot of compact hip packs/bum bags that can easily carry a water bottle, and more recently the Source Hipster. Keeping the pack for water and other essentials like keys works well in combination with the Fabric Tool Keg. It also means the stuff for repairing a flat are easily at hand without having to rummage through your bag – a great little product for the racers out there.

We say

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, we love the Fabric Tool Keg for it’s pure simplicity and ease of use. It holds the bare essentials, looks very neat and easily transfers between bikes.

Worth looking at whether you’re a racer, all day trail rider or daily commuter.



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