Berghaus Extrem Insulated Down Jackets

January 4th, 2017

By Andrew Dodd in Features,Lifestyle

Berghaus Extrem down jackets – stay toasty in any conditions

Decent insulating layers are amazing at keeping heat locked in, and make both great outer layers off the bike and for stashing in your winter riding bag for mid-ride pit stops.

They’re also great things to keep in the car, should you get stranded.

Berghaus make some brilliant kit, and these two jackets are well worth considering for outdoor life…

Berghaus Extrem Micro Down Jacket

Retail Price | £190

Available FromBerghaus Berghaus Extrem Hydro Down Jacket

This is an ultra lightweight jacket made from Pertex Quantum fabric, and is insulated with Hydro Down. This unique feature can only be found on Berghaus Extrem products, which were developed with some of the best mountain athletes in the world.

Treated with Nikwax, the hydrophobic goose down lining resists bogging down when wet, and is water repellent enough to avoid soaking up water for 16 hours.

Unlike heavier weight down jackets, the Micro Down jacket has body mapping – meaning the insulation is lighter in areas that produce a lot of heat, and heavier in areas that don’t. This means for more active use you stay at a more consistent temperature and don’t end up over heating. Perfect for mid-ride stops in winter where you need to keep your core temperature up, but avoid sweating too much.

Best of all, the Berghaus Extrem Micro Down jacket can be stuffed in to a riding bag easily – and provides instant warmth. We’ve used a similar jacket to this in temperatures well below freezing in Iceland, with just a T-shirt and short sleeved merino layer underneath – it’s incredibly efficient given it’s scant 414gram weight.

Berghaus Extrem Nunat Reflect Jacket

Retail Price | £260

Available From | Berghaus Berghaus Extrem Hydro Down Jacket

Although still super light at 495grams, the Nunat Reflect has a heavier density of insulation, and is better treated as a main outdoor jacket – as opposed to a compact packable option.

Using the same Hydro Down as the Micro Down jacket, the Berghaus Extrem Nunat jacket also has aluminium mesh sewn in to the fabric that reflects body heat back to you – meaning it’s unbelievably efficient at keeping you warm. Berghaus say it increases your warmth by up to 10%.

The hood isn’t as roomy on this jacket – but is designed for ultimate warmth and to keep the elements out. It’s a proper mountain jacket.

This makes a great winter jacket as it’s warm enough for just about any condition that most are likely to face – you’ll only ever need a t-shirt under this bad boy for keeping warm!

Every mountain biker should have a light weight insulated jacket in their kit collection. They honestly provide the maximum amount of warmth for weight and bulk of anything out there. Of course there are cheaper options out there by other brands, but the Hydro Down really sets Berghaus apart.

We’ve been out in hammering rain in these things and have been warm and dry – plus they dry ultra fast.

Expensive – yes but our last Berghaus Extrem has lasted well over 5 years and is far warmer than similar weight jackets from other manufacturers we’ve tried.

They also both have life time warranties – job done!




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