Hurly Burly | The 2016 World Cup Book

December 22nd, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Lifestyle

Hurly Burly – All the 2016 DH action in one stunning book

Although you can see so much amazing World Cup content online, some things still belong in print.

Teaming up with renowned photographers Sven Martin; Sebastian Schieck and Duncan Philpott, James McKnight has crafted this stunning yearbook.

Hurly Burly is loaded with incredible photos and all the in depth stories of the 2016 World Cup and Champs battles.

Hurly Burly

Although images look great on retina screens, there’s something about thumbing through high quality paper. Some of the images in Hurly Burly are truly breath taking.

The 200 page beast is printed on lovely paper, and is much more than a photo book. With an army of contributors, James McKnight accounts the many memorable events of 2016.

From the French hillside of Lourdes to the Antipodeon tropics in Cairns – it’s here in all it’s glory.

Over 2016 we saw some incredible riding from the next generation of World Cup Champions; we saw Steve Peat celebrating his last racing season in true style and witnessed Danny Hart with an incredible return to form.

And then there was Rachel Atherton. What a year.

Hurly Burly has got the best selection of images from the World Cup we’ve seen – and they look stunning and vibrant in print.

Hurly Burly

This shot of the mighty Rachel Atherton has to be the best pan shot of the year. Incredible colour, motion and the feel of being track side.

Unfortunately there were also losses in 2016.

Stevie Smith; Chris Vasques and Zarja Cernilogar have all left us – but they each left their own mark. Gone, but definitely not forgotten.

Hurly Burly

2016 was a tragic year, but we’ll all remember the impact that Stevie Smith had on the mountain biking community.

Contributors to Hurly Burly include Alan Milway; Martin Whiteley; Nigel Reeve; Rachael Walker; Mike Rose; Victor Lucas; Chris Ball; Chris Kilmurray; Steve Jones; Paul Aston; John Parkin; Boris ‘Mad Dog’ Beyer;  Myriam Nicole; Ben Greenland and Ric McLaughlin. A great team of established writers who were there to tell the stories.

Hurly Burly

A fitting image to sum up 2016. What a year – and what a book!

£15 gets you a copy of this stunning year book. Hurly Burly is worth every penny – so check out the website right here and get one on order. 





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