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Topeak Ninja Hidden Tools Review

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Topeak Ninja – Tools For Subtle Stashing

Whilst you should be carrying enough gear with you to be self sufficient when out riding, it’s nice to ride with a minimal set up. In recent times we’ve seen Enduro racers like Richie Rude using things like this Backcountry Research strap for holding a tube and some Co2 cartridges to his bike; and there are many other neat solutions popping up…

Topeak make some of the best bike tools around, and their Ninja range is designed specifically to store tools on your bike so you don’t forget them. And two of the most useful additions are the Topeak Ninja C bar end plugs; and the Topeak Ninja TC bottle cage…

Topeak Ninja C bar end plugs

Retail Price | £27.99

Available From | Extra UK 

Designed to fit most handlebars, these great little plugs use an expander wedge system to firmly push in to the end of your bars, and feature a chain tool and a third hand.Topeak Ninja Bar End Plugs

The expander wedge does a surprisingly good job – initially we’ve been worried about losing the plugs in those inevitable spills, but they are firmly in place – you need to make an effort to remove them.

The tool itself is set up for 11 speed chains and is surprisingly easy to use thanks to the way the chain tool folds out.Topeak Ninja

The tool is actuated by the Allen key built in to the other plug, and there is a neat rubber holder with a third hand and a space for a spare chain pin. Topeak Ninja

Some might question the need for a chain tool – it’s a rare occasion that you need them. However – a snapped chain can ruin a ride and lose a race. We always carry a chain tool; but love the way you can fit these and forget about them. It also means you could choose a much lighter and more compact multi-tool for use elsewhere on the bike.

77grams is no crime as far as weight goes either.

More details on the Topeak Ninja C bar end plugs can be found right here.  


Topeak Ninja TC bottle cage

Retail Price | £49.99

Available From | Extra UK 

This bottle cage has a built in compartment housing a 23 function multi-tool – a great idea for never forgetting that essential multi-tool.Topeak Ninja

The cage itself is a no fuss affair, with slotted mounts to allow fitting on many different bikes. On the bike pictured, we mounted the cage in the forward position to allow enough room for the climb switch on the shock to be accessed.

With the tool in place, the whole cage weighs 255grams. Not that light; but very convenient. And if you were that bothered about weight you probably wouldn’t be using a bottle anyway…

The tool compartment rotates, and has indexed positions to stop it slipping. A nice latch system keeps it water tight too – so the tool inside won’t go rusty.

The tool inside the Topeak Ninja TC is the popular Mini 20 Pro that features a whopping 23 tools, and it has a rubber sleeve that wraps round it to stop it rattling on the bike.Topeak Ninja

This cage works brilliantly, and is a total fit and forget item.

Even the fact that it might not be compatible on certain frames isn’t an issue, as Topeak offer a version with no cage (check it out here). This can be used on it’s own – or with a system like the Fabric Cageless Bottle that can allow bottles to be fitted on frames with limited clearance.

Yet again, those German wizards have nailed it.

For more info on the Topeak Ninja TC cage and tool, head right here 

What do you think of storing tools on your bike?

Do you prefer carrying a riding pack instead?

Let us know in the comments below…




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