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DT Swiss OPM ODL 120 Fork | First Look

December 16th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

DT Swiss OPM ODL Р29in wheel fork with 120mm travel

We’ve just had this sleek looking fork through the door to plug in to a long term test frame. Check it out!

It’s the DT Swiss OPM ODL 120mm travel fork in 29in, and is a little different to other similarly specced forks.

DT Swiss OPM

The new DT Swiss OPM range is a sleek looking series of forks.

The Details

Although well known for wheels, suspension came much later for DT Swiss – when they worked with Adrian Carter from Pace Cycles, to continue the impressive work he’d done on the Pace range of suspension products.

DT Swiss OPM

All the DT Swiss OPM forks have the reverse arch design.

The reverse arch is one of the recognisable¬†features of the DT Swiss OPM range, and it’s achieved with a one-piece magnesium lower.

This design is stiff and light, and offers more than enough mud clearance for UK conditions. Although the open fork arch will certainly fill up with mud, its going to be far easier to clean than those mounted on the front of the fork.

The DT Swiss OPM ODL fork features APT – adaptable progression tune; NCS – a negative coil spring and 3 stage damping called O.D.L. This stands for Open; Drive and Lock – a similar system to Fox and Rockshox.

The finish on the fork is lovely. All the dials have a nice feel with indented positioning – DT Swiss has worked hard on the overall quality.

Rebound is adjusted via a red dial on the right hand leg, and the already popular DT Swiss QR 15mm axle is in place for easy wheel removal.

Here’s a quick run down on the main features:

  1. OPM – One Piece Magnesium lowers
  2. APT РAdaptable Progression Tune
  3. NCS – Negative Coil Spring
  4. ODL Damping – Open, Drive, Locked
  5. 1600grams (120mm version, 29in)
  6. 120mm travel
  7. 15/100mm axle
  8. Aluminium crown
  9. 525mm ride height
  10. 45mm offset
  11. Up to 210mm brake mount compatibility.
DT Swiss OPM

We’ll be riding the DT Swiss OPM fork hard to see how it fares on a variety of terrain. We’re particularly interested to see how the damping fares on this promising trail fork. We’ll report back ASAP – keep an eye on our social channels for ongoing info.

We’ll be reviewing this fork as soon as the test frame turns up. Keep your eyes peeled for something seriously fast heading our way!

More info can be found right here.






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