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December 14th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

MTB Stocking Fillers – all those last minute ideas for bike fanatics

Need some last minute shopping ideas?

We’ve had a rummage and put this list of MTB stocking fillers together – nothing too crazy here that will break the bank, but all great kit!

DMR Death Grips – Brendan Fairclough Signature Edition

MTB stocking fillers

MTB stocking fillers – DMR Death Grip

Designed with input from Brendan Fairclough, this unique looking handlebar grip is loaded with features.

Based around a tapered core, the grip needs only a single locking ring – so has a built in end cap.

The inner part of the grip has a flange and is a mushroom design – which takes strain off your hands on rough tracks. The outer part of the grip features a knurled design, and has a waffle underside for your fingers to grip.

The Death Grip comes in four colours (black, camo, orange and gum); two compounds (Soft 20A and Hard 25A); and two sizes – thin (29.8) and thick (31.3).

Loads of options, and at £16.99 they make a perfect MTB Stocking Filler.

Get them right here

Race Face Charge Sub-Zero Knee Pads/Warmers

MTB stocking fillers

Race Face Charge Sub Zero – perfect MTB stocking fillers.

Based on the popular Charge light knee guard, this version has a thermal fleece construction for extra warmth.

The slip-on design of the Charge Sub-Zero features rubber grippers top and bottom, and has a light layer of padding to ward off knocks. A Kevlar top layer adds durability. These are so comfortable that you will wear them all winter – the perfect MTB stocking filler.

£32.95 from Silverfish

Nuun hydration

MTB stocking fillers

Nuun tablets are really good, and great value MTB stocking fillers.

These hydration tablets are probably the nicest in the business and are based on natural flavourings and ingredients.

Active is an Electrolyte formula; Boost is Electrolyte and Caffeine rich and the Plus is a hydration enhancer with carbs – and no flavour. Perfect for adding to water – or using in combination with the Active or Boost tablets.

Loads of great tasting flavours are available, and they cost around £5.99 a tube.

Get them from Extra UK. 


Fabric Tool Keg

MTB stocking fillers

Fabric’s Tool Keg is a handy little gizmo that would make a nice MTB stocking filler.

Based on the Fabric cageless bottle, this is essentially a caddy for storing tools, food or anything else you might want on your bike.

The tool keg comes with two sets of bolts and mounts, and a neoprene liner to stop things rattling round inside. It’s the perfect size for a lightweight tube; tyre lever and a CO2 cartridge with adaptor. It’s a simple concept and worth considering if you like to ride without too much kit.

£13.99 from Fabric CC. 


Wickens and Soderstrom posh lubes

MTB stocking fillers

These luxury lubes and bike cleaning products make great MTB stocking fillers

Branded more like mens grooming products than the typical bike lubes around, there’s a nice feel to the Wickens and Soderstrom range. They have a classy feel that lends itself well to being MTB stocking fillers .

The range includes various cleaners and lubes – and a suspension lube endorsed by suspension experts TF Tuned 

Check the full range out right here


Sealskinz Dragon Eye waterproof glovesMTB stocking fillers

For those cooler and wet days out, keep your paws dry with a pair of Sealskinz gloves.

They are fully waterproof and as tough as old boots. Solid performers and much better than the usual pants and socks stocking fillers!

£45 from Sealskinz.



Topeak Nano Torqbox DX tool

Tool geeks rejoice – this compact torque driver comes with a selection of sockets and caters for 4, 5 and 6nm.

This cool modular design can even store a couple of bits in the handle – and has magnetic fittings so your bits don’t fall out. A great example of the German company’s approach to tool design.

A really nice MTB stocking filler that’s great for the toolbox – or riding pack.

£49.99 from Extra UK. 


Fibrax Pro-Formance sealed cable kit

MTB stocking fillers

MTB stocking fillers – Fibrax Pro-formance sealed cable kit.

Treat your bike – or a friends bike – to a nice fresh set of cables. These sealed Fibrax cables work flawlessly once installed, and really keep the winter grime at bay. They cost a little more than a non-sealed cable set, but the durability is well worth it. All ferrules, end caps and frame protectors are included.

Not the most exciting MTB stocking filler – but a damned useful one!
£24.99 from Fibrax

Makita battery powered vacuum cleaner

MTB stocking fillers

Although nothing to do with mountain bikes, the Makita vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning up after mountain biking!

OK – laugh it up. It’s a vacuum cleaner!

But, if you love your power tools, it’s fairly likely that you’ll know Makita. They make brilliant tools, and have a universal battery system so you can swap batteries between tools. And they make a load of other random cool stuff too – like this compact hoover.

It’s perfect for keeping your man cave in shape, and for keeping the van or boot of the car clean from all the bike filth you constantly chuck in there.

Best of all, it’s only £32.99 – though you’ll need a battery.

Grab them from Screwfix





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