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December 12th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Kids Riding Days at Bike Park Wales – Our Junior Jackson Reporter Ruby Heads Over for a blast!

Bike Park Wales has earnt as name as one of the best MTB spots around. One of the many amazing things they offer are kids riding courses – so we had to get Ruby over there to check it out!

Words written by our Junior Jackson reporter, Ruby Davison.

Kids Riding at Bike Park Wales

Bike Park Wales is an incredible facility, and Ruby loved getting to grips with the place. The trails are really well sign posted, and the trail maps are there to help you join up your favourite bits. Photo | Chris Davison

The South Wales Hot Spot

Bike Park Wales is in south Wales, near the small town of Merthyr Tydfil. It’s been open for about three years now, and trails are being added every year.

Being from the deep South West, the drive was about two hours for us, so we got up early to have a nice long full day of riding.

Once we had arrived and got the bikes out we made our way over to the visitor’s centre. We were surprised to see so many kids and adults on bikes.

There was everything from custom made carbon bikes through to supermarket specials.

Bike Park Wales Kids Riding Days

Kids Riding at Bike Park Wales

Griff is not only an amazing rider and instructor for riders of all levels – he’s one of the advocates for Kids Riding at Bike Park Wales and hinted that there will be a lot more kids riding there in the future. Photo | Chris Davison

After a bit of riding we decided to meet up with Griff Rhys Morgan to find out about Kids Riding at Bike Park Wales. Griff is one of the official Bike Park Wales MTB instructors – and one of the best riders working there!

“We’re going to be doing two sets of kids riding courses over the half term and we try to do a course every half term.”

The idea for the children’s courses came from Griff and Anna (one of the Bike Park Wales directors.)

“Both Anna and myself wanted to encourage young riders onto the trails. The kids visibly enjoy it and you can see lots of progress over the two days.” he adds.

So, who’s better to teach kids or adults?

“Kids and women are a lot easier to teach, as they tend to listen better and the kids just seem to absorb the information”

So, what else are BPW doing to encourage young riders onto the trails?

“Every blue trail is kept and built so wheels as small as 20inches can ride them.” Griff tells us.

“Uplift vehicles carry adaptors so small bikes can fit on and we will also be pushing kids coaching even more in future, which will lead to more kids out on the trails.”

We caught up with some of the riders that were doing the course. Aelwen, Megan and Rosey are obviously into their riding. The girls have been riding from a young age.

Aelwen, age 8 has been riding since she was 2 years old and now is the proud owner of a custom-made carbon XC bike.

All three girls were introduced to riding by their parents. Megan, aged 11 used to ride a tandem with her parents when she used to live in London. Rosey, age 9 is here today with her dad who asked her if she fancied trying the courses out, whilst she gets to learn the basics with Griff, her dad Paul also a keen rider enjoys some quality time on the trails by himself.

It’s not just children who are attending the courses at Bike Park Wales that are here today.

Adam age 12 and Jack age 16 and a friend are also here today with their dad Neil. Although quite new to the sport they are clearly into their bikes and proudly show us their Kona bikes.

Over on the pump track little Daniel Floyd at the age of 6 is flying around on his Specialized Hot Rock. Daniel has been riding without stabilisers from the age of 3!

Kids Riding at Bike Park Wales

Daniel Floyd is one of the youngest rippers we’ve seen – and certainly proves that there’s plenty of scope for Kids Riding at Bike Park Wales Photo | Chris Davison

Daniel is here today with both his mum Iva, and dad Jason – each parent takes it in turns to ride the Blue trails with him whilst the other parent rides a Black trail.

“it’s a family thing” Iva tells us.

It’s amazing to see so many kids and parents having fun on their bikes and it is even better to see Bike Park Wales encouraging young riders onto the trails.

The more kids riding mountain bikes the better!

Bike Park Wales is great fun for all riders big and small.

If you ever get the chance to go for a ride at Bike Park Wales, then go and try it out. Even for half a day, the trails there are so good and are worth the trip.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details on Kids Riding at Bike Park Wales soon!




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