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Shaun Palmer Art by Geoff Waugh Photos

December 7th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features,Lifestyle

Shaun Palmer – own this awesome wall art for Xmas

20 years ago legendary snowboarder Shaun Palmer really started making waves in mountain biking.

Palmer brought a new image in to mountain biking that was much needed, and really put some fire in to the scene with his flat out all-or-nothing style.

At the World Championships in 1996 at Cairns, Australia, Palmer rocked up with the ‘Summer Job’ slogan on the back of his race pants. Shaun Palmer was all about having the mental edge – and the summer job statement was a tongue in cheek dig, suggesting that he wasn’t that bothered.

But in reality all Palmer wanted to do was win. Infact, all Shaun Palmer ever wanted to do was win – and when he put in a staggering time that was just .15 short of Nicolas Vouilloz’s time he crossed the line cursing and even threw his goggles on the floor.

Check out the clip at about 5.00 here:

Shaun Palmer 1996 Worlds Prints available:

Anyhow, MTB photographer Geoff Waugh was at the 1996 World Champs with Shaun Palmer – and snapped some amazing photos. Thanks to Shaun Palmer’s help, Geoff got hold of the actual race kit he used, and shot this amazing image of Shaun Palmer’s kit from the 1996 worlds.

Shaun Palmer

You can buy the image on the left signed by Geoff Waugh which comes with the stylish wall art on the right for £45. Part of the cost includes a donation to the Ride For Michael charity, to aid Michael Bonney’s ongoing treatment.

He’s selling the prints for £45, which come with a signed photo print of Palmer in action at the Worlds. Part of the proceeds are going to the Ride For Michael charity to support Michael Bonney.

Full details are on the Dirty Jerseys website, the information is right here.

And check the bike out here rode right here:

Finally, Geoff Waugh hooked us up with this iconic image of Shaun Palmer from Are in Sweden. It’s signed by Shaun Palmer himself, and we will be giving it away when we reach 10,000 followers on our Facebook page.

If you are a Shaun Palmer fan keep an eye out on the Factory Jackson Facebook page for details soon!




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