Troy Lee Ace Cold Weather Glove Review

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Product Full Name | Troy Lee Designs Ace Cold Weather Gloves

Retail Price | £34.99

Available From | Saddleback Distribution

TLD Ace Cold Weather – a favourite gets winter treatment

The Troy Lee Designs Ace is one of the most popular all round mountain bike gloves out there.

The simplicity is key to the success – the minimal back, velcro wrist closure and thin, tactile palm make it extremely comfortable.

And now there’s an Ace Cold Weather version – perfect for keeping your digits comfortable in the colder months!

Troy Lee Designs Ace Cold Weather glove

The usual Troy Lee Ace glove leaves over an inch of exposed wrist from glove to jacket, but the Ace Cold Weather seals the drafty gap.

The Details

The Ace Cold Weather looks very similar to the regular Ace, but has a much higher cuff to keep your wrists warm.

Troy Lee Designs Ace Cold Weather glove

In case you wondered why your hands were on the warm side…

Unlike the standard version, the back of the Ace Cold Weather is an insulated soft shell polyester fabric. This is very light, but totally windproof, which makes all the difference on those piercing winter rides.

Troy Lee Designs Ace Cold Weather glove

The same tactile palm is there – with no unnecessary padding.

The wrist closure is also kept away from wind chills, and there’s a conductive thumb so you can answer your phone out on the trail without removing your gloves.

Unlike many other winter gloves, the palm of the Ace Cold Weather is exactly as it should be – thin and tactile. There’s no additional padding or annoying stuff to get in the way  – just the same excellent palm as the regular Ace.

Out On The Trail

The Ace Cold Weather feels very similar to the regular ace – the same thin and grippy palm is there. Other than the thicker back of the glove, it doesn’t feel much different.Troy Lee Designs Ace Cold Weather glove

The extra coverage of the glove meets well with most jackets, and really does keep the chill out. I’ve also noticed the soft shell material is pretty good at keeping downpours at bay on the daily commute.

It’s not a waterproof glove though – you’ll need something more substantial for foul weather riding.

We Say

If – like us – you find over padded winter gloves frustrating, you’ll love the TLD Ace Cold Weather.

It feels near enough to a summer glove, but keeps the chill at bay.

There’s not much else to say – they’re Ace!



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