9 of the gnarliest hucks to flat

November 18th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd

10 of the gnarlist hucks to flat – multi-sport carnage!

Crashing is inevitable with action sports – and though we don’t like seeing people get hurt, we still appreciate watching people go massive. The following videos are a selection of some of the gnarliest hucks to flat!9 gnarliest hucks

Gee Atherton’s massive snow over jump

Gee Atherton is no stranger to going massive, and the lure of a huge snow board booter in Tignes was too much to resist.

Problem was, he struggled to judge his speed in the white conditions and hit the jump way too fast – sailing way past the landing and having a massive crash. Definatley one of the gnarliest hucks out there – and thankfully he walked away from this one with slight concussion and a few scrapes.

Ken Block breaks back in massive nose dive

In a similar style to Gee’s crash, Ken Block was faced with a huge snow board jump – which he knew the optimum speed was 53mph. Trouble is, he hit the jump a touch faster – and a mile an hour at that speed equates to 15-20feet…

The result was a crumpled car and a broken back – pretty scary!

Seth Enslow’s massive sand dune over jump

Seth Enslow’s actions in the famed Crusty Demons Of Dirt can only be described as utter lunacy. Check out the landing of the sand dune step down – he sails past it and it actually going up when he should be coming down! Amazing to think he only bust his nose and had a sore back for a few days!

Josh Bender’s gnarliest hucks of all time

Josh Bender really pushed the limits of big drops, and helped progress free ride mountain biking – but he learnt the hard way. Check out some of the slams this guys takes – they’re absolutely bonkers.

The 60ft Jah Drop is one of the craziest things the mountain bike world has ever seen – how he even considered it being possible is beyond us!

Reckon it would be possible on the bikes of today?

Simon Dumont overshoots ski jump by 100ft!

This is just terrifying – look how much time he has to wind the windows down in the air. Nasty crash, a nasty broken pelvis and definitely one of the gnarliest hucks to flat around.

This one is pretty hard to watch.

Guerlain Chicherit – end over end car crash

Take a mini, a rally driver and a frankly rediculous gap jump that is set up to break a world record and you’re asking for trouble.

The chilling thing in this video is that he told his wife on the morning of the crash that he had a bad feeling, and the slow mo footage of his face just before impact. You can pretty much see his life flash before his life.

Cam Zink bails one of the gnarliest hucks ever

The Red Bull Rampage is the pinnicle of free-ride mountain bike events. Some of the features like the enormous 72ft canyon gap are so big that many of the invited riders don’t even hit it.

So when Cam Zink got kicked up the ass on take off and bailed out mid air our hearts were in our mouths. We thought he was going to be in a right mess, but some how he limped away with bruised heels. He must be made from  steel!

Hospital crash – North Shore gone wrong

Back in the day of wooden gap jumps, this video did the rounds. The rider unfortunately hit this jump way too fast, which bucked his feet off the pedals mid air.

Forced in to an involuntary super man, his landing was not good. Anyone know if he badly injured himself?

Gee Atherton’s 2012 Rampage Crash

We’ve seen Gee have some massive crashes first hand, and have no idea how he’s not broken every bone in his body. He is so damned strong – and somehow able to walk away from massive crashes and the gnarliest hucks you’v ever seen.

How Gee even survived this one from Rampage 2012 is still beyond us. Utterly bonkers – crash is at about 9mins in following one of the gnarliest hucks from a cliff edge.



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