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Backcountry Research Race Strap Review

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Product Full Name | Backcountry Research Race Strap

Retail Price | £15.99

Available From | Cyclorise UK 

Backcountry Research Race Strap – tube holder for your Enduro bike

Backcountry Research Race Strap

The Backcountry Research Race Strap easily carries a tube; tyre lever and CO2 cartridge in a place on the bike that is discreet and out the way.

This simple strap from Backcountry Research is designed for holding an inner tube, some tyre levers and a CO2 cartridge or two on your saddle rails for easy trail side access.

Backcountry Research Race Strap

Quality stitching and a features like the rubber loading area ensure the Race Strap will last ages.

Whilst storing tubes and tools on bikes is nothing new, in recent times the evolution of Enduro racing has seen many products see the light of day that are designed to get you back on the trail as fast as possible. Have you seen the Samurai Sword tyre plugs

The Backcountry Research Race Strap is another similar product – designed to hold the bare essentials for race scenarios that demand getting back on the trail as fast as possible. There are five models for use on the top tube; down tube and the saddle rails – we tested the Race Strap model for saddle rails.

Backcountry Research Race Strap

Richie Rude runs the Hypalon Mutherload strap – perfect for Enduro racing – and matches his Yeti too!

There are five colours, but we opted for the Yeti blue model that Richie Rude uses on his Yeti. He used the Hypalon Mutherload version of this strap on his downtube for his 2016 EWS onslaught.

A long heavy duty velcro strap loops around the saddle rails, whilst a proprietary Dual Shockcord Pre-Load strap holds the tubes, tyre levers and CO2 cartridges fast – theres no chance of them moving around or falling out.

Backcountry Research Race Strap

Even when covered in mud, the overlock strap ensures the main strap will not come undone.

There is also a retaining ‘overlock’ velcro strap to ensure the main strap doesn’t come undone, and when placed correctly the Backcountry Race Strap is dropper post compatible too.

We Say

Although the Backcountry Race Strap puts a tube and tyre lever set up in the firing line of muck and spray from the rear wheel, I love how rapidly you can access the tube for a race situation. Personally I’d prefer the Mutherload strap down on the downtube, or perhaps in the void space you get on the seat mast of many bikes – but the Race Strap will fit any bike. 

A simple and effective bit of kit for the racers out there – nicely made too. 



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