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Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype | Bike Check

October 21st, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Bikes,Features

Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype

UK outdoor superstore Go Outdoors has a range of bikes under the Calibre brand that offer incredible value for money.

Top of the range is the £1300 Bossnut – which is available for a complete bargain of £899 right now.

Next year will see this slightly refined model.

Check out the Calibre Bossnut 2017 prototype…

Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype

The Calibre Bossnut is a 130mm travel trail bike with carefully considered geometry and components. The Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype shown here is an unpainted model – but you can see what the layout will look like.

Calibre Bossnut 2017 details

Calibre Bikes are carefully designed and specced by Mike Sanderson (read our article with Mike right here) – who has been a mountain biker for years.

He’s always believed in getting the fundamentals right – the geometry and frame features. And the Bossnut was already a hit, but having spent a lot of time on a production bike – Mike has managed to refine it even more.

Although the basic frame layout is the same, a few key things are new for this 2017 model – here are the details:

  1. The seat tube linkage will be a one piece design – which not only stiffens up the back end for more aggressive riding, but allows increased clearance for bigger rear tyres.
  2. The seat tube as a result is slightly kinked to cater for the new linkage design.
  3. Front mech design is now bolt on to allow the kinked seat tube
  4. The front end of the bike is another 10mm longer.
  5. Stem length can be shorter with the new longer reach
  6. Rims will be up-specced to WTB i25 rims – for better tyre support.
  7. Production colour will be neon orange and black
  8. £1000 to Go Outdoors card holders.
  9. To reflect how good the Calibre Bossnut 2017 is, Go Outdoors will be offering a higher specced strictly limited edition model – the Beastnut
  10. The Beastnut will be limited to 250 models
  11. The Beastnut will have a longer travel 140mm travel fork, SRAM 1×11 drivetrain and a Trans X 120mm dropper post
  12. The front mech blanking plates will be numbered from 1 – 250
  13. Colour will be neon yellow/black and price will be £1300 to card holders.
  14. Availability approx March 2017.
  15. Full details for the existing Calibre Bossnut right here
Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype

The Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype is all about this new linkage that dramatically stiffens up the back end.


Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype

The current Bossnut design uses twin plates as the linkage – but this version seen on the Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype is far stiffer and will suit those wanting to upgrade their Bossnut’s in future.

Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype

Loads of clearance from the stiff new linkage design seen on the Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype .


What do you think of the Calibre Bossnut 2017 Prototype ?

We actually think it looks rad in the bare alloy but look forward to seeing the production model.





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