Danny MacAskills Best Bits

October 12th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd

Danny MacAskills Best Bits – in one place!

Once again the Trials mastermind Danny MacAskill is breaking the internet – this time with his new flick Wee Day Out – which features Danny heading out for a ride around his home counties.

Danny MacAskills Best Bits

Danny MacAskill rolls down hill on hay bale Photo | Fred Murray / Red Bull Content Pool

This awesome new film features Danny at his absolute best – with some truly astonishing new tricks. Watch out for the pedal spin; backwards roll, insane jump from the railway platform and the coolest skid you’ll ever see!

We’ve also compiled Danny MacAskills Best Bits below – his ultimate bike clips all in one place – enjoy! 


Despite documenting his riding for years, it was this video that propelled him in to the limelight, filmed around Edinburgh by his long term friend Dave Sowerby.

In our opinion it’s still some of his best work – this is raw Danny Mac riding at it’s best. Re-live it now!


Huge success off the back of his Inspired video attracted Red Bull to Danny. With support from the iconic energy drink brand Danny was whisked off to events and celebrity red-carpet gigs all over the world.

Whist he was propelled in to an unfamiliar world, he wanted to get back to his roots and made this excellent video back near where he grew up on the Isle of Skye – a nice video, and certainly one of Danny MacAskills Best Bits.


Ok, now this isn’t the sort we usually see – but just for the sheer hell of it we love it!

Danny MacAskill was not only invited to the infamous Playboy Mansion – he was asked to make a video shredding the grounds with a load of eye candy.


With a huge budget from Red Bull, and a great idea from Danny himself this really drew the line in the sand as far as quality MTB productions go. With an enormous set custom built to re-imagine Danny’s childhood, Danny set to work bring it all to life with his trademark technical riding skills and unique flair.



This is the video you want to show people when you tell them you’re a mountain biker and they look at you blank. Needless to say there’s about 4% of the video that mere mortals could achieve, but how much does it make you want to go out and climb a damned mountain?

This really is something special and one of Danny MacAskills Best Bits.

It’s a Tour de force. Danny, we salute you.



When Cascade dropped in our inbox, we wondered if if was going to be arty like some of his other videos that we didn’t get along with (like Epecuen – which was great too look at, and technically amazing but just didn’t quite hit the spot for us) or if it was going to be a banger.

Thankfully with sweaty palms and giddy legs, we can say it’s a banger and a half. What a bloody good video! Get involved with this – definitely one of Danny MacAskills Best Bits…


These videos are all amazing, but we’re suckers for his first big moment as remember being utterly blown away by him.

Which is your top Danny MacAskill moment? 

Let us know in the comments below!



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