NEC Cycle Show 2016 | Top Bits Part 2

September 24th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – top bits part 2

The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham is home to the NEC Cycle Show 2016 this week, which means some of the nicest bits of MTB kit are on display – check out Part 1 from yesterday here.

Here’s some of the amazing kit we spotted on our wonder round the show…


Identiti Mettle

Earlier this year at Core Bike Show we took a look at the prototype Identiti Mettle, designed by Pat Campbell-Jenner and Michael Bonney. This is the finalised version that will see production for early 2017 – and it’s a beauty, as well as one of the most talked about bikes at the NEC Cycle Show.

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – The Identiti Bikes Mettle.

160mm travel, 65degree head angle, 75degree seat angle, loads of clearance, metric shock, Boost out back, proper sizing and two colours. We’ll be taking a more in depth look at this in our next story – keep your eyes peeled!


Giro Switchblade

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – Giro Switchblade

The long awaited convertible helmet from Giro is here – and it’s far more impressive than other convertible helmets we have seen. The jaw guard has a lot more support thanks to the deep cut of the helmet, and the extended coverage offered not only makes sense for harder enduro riding, but it will make an ace winter helmet for UK shredders.

The jaw guard locks in place with a two step design – and can be done whilst wearing the helmet. The design is rock solid – this design is revolutionary as far as cycling helmets go as it truly offers a realistic helmet with maximum protection. We have one due for test.

HT D1 dual sided pedals

HT components make some ace pedals, and with some of the world’s best riders using their products – are constantly improving and adding new products, like this prototype pedal spotted at the NEC Cycle Show. The D1 is a dual sided pedal that will suit beginner riders, but is built to the same spec and quality as the X2. Essentially, this pedal is a quality flat pedal on one side with grub screw pins, and the same quality clip mechanism seen on their clipless pedals.

This could be the ultimate commuter pedal for the rider that only has one bike – or purely for someone wanting the convenience of two pedals for the price of one.

Cube Stereo 160 e-bike

There’s no doubt about the fact that e-bikes are on the increase, and Cube are well on their way to mastering the e-bike. Selling nearly as many e-bikes globally as they do regular bikes, the proof is in the pudding. And Cube are making amazing bikes – like this Stereo 160.

We’ve been riding a Cube Stereo 140mm e-bike for a few weeks now and are genuinely blown away – though we wanted to shout about it sooner, we’ll be publishing our thoughts this week on 

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – Cube Bikes Stereo 160 E-bike

All we can say, is don’t judge a book by the cover. And certainly don’t think riding an e-bike is easy – quite the opposite, in fact…

Giro Terraduro Mid

We love the Giro Terraduro – it’s one of the burliest stiff-soled trail shoes out there, but lacks that extra coverage and protection that harder riders and racers are looking for. Enter the Terraduro Mid – with a higher cut, ankle protection, neoprene cup and lace flap.

This shoe is going to be brilliant- and still has the brilliant Vibram sole that the Terraduro sold us on. £160 gets you a pair of these – we’re about to order a pair!

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – Giro Terraduro Mid

Source Hipster hydration pack

At last the Source Hipster is available in the UK via new distributor Ison Distribution. Coming in at £69.99, there are three colours available, and you can run the pack fully loaded with the harness, that spreads the load like military webbing, or for lighter loads just as a bumbag as the straps disconnect. There is a 1.5litre included, and enough small pockets for all your odds and sods.

We look forward to reviewing one, as we’re still huge fans of the Wingnut pack – which uses a very similar webbing system. Check the Wingnut out right here.

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – Source Hydration Hipster pack

Nukeproof Mega – range overhaul

The ultra popular Nukeproof Mega has a proven track record as one of the best performing, and best value hard hitting trail bikes out there – and for 2017 there is a whole fleet of them that ranges from incredible value and bold colours through to the bells and whistles murdered out model. But the one that held our eye at the NEC Cycle Show was the Mega 290 Race in army green with yellow detail. It just looks amazing – and retailing for £2299 represents great value. A frame set is available too for £1599, and there are 27.5in models as well as 29in bulldozers.

We’ll be taking a closer look at these soon on Factory Jackson.

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – Nukeproof Mega 290 Race

Hope Rims

Good old Hope Technology – they just can’t sit still!

The British company with ants in their pants are constantly refining and quietly adding products to their enormous line up. First up are the new 35mm enduro rims – loads of tyre support, plus compatibility, strong construction and available as part of the awesome Hope Hoops line up from November. Price TBC.

Hope 12tooth jockey wheels

CNC machined jockey wheels with decent bearings are a sought after hop up, but Hope has only had 11tooth versions for 10 speed previously. Now they have SRAM compatible 12tooth jockey wheels – these things will fly off the shelves. Pricing will be similar to the £30 options currently available. Production is any time now…

Hope 35mm stems

Another nice refinement from Hope is the addition of a 35mm clamp stem, in addition to the standard 31.8mm version. Pricing is the same at approx £75. More details right here.

Vitus DH bike

Vitus has an impressive range of bikes, all offering incredible value – but the one that made us double take is the Dominer DH bike with Shimano Zee transmission. Weighing in around 35lbs out there box, this downhill race bike has very little you would want to alter – the spec has been thought about carefully.

Numbers are great too – both the geometry, and the incredible price. This bike retails for just £2199!

Surely it’s the best value bike on display at the NEC Cycle Show!

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – The incredible value Vitus Bikes Dominer DH

Dirty Rose Soulfire

Bike shows tend to have box fresh bikes on display, but we love seeing a used bike on display. In this case, it’s a Soulfire that belongs to Finlay Paton – it’s still clean but has that look about it that you know it’s been ridden hard.

We’d like to see more ‘ridden’ bikes at trade shows. Staff bikes; team riders bikes etc. Something with a story.

The Rose Soulfire is a 180mm travel bike, which offers amazing value – and a custom build online programme, where you can spec a bike out yourself. Check it out right here .

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – Rose Bikes Soulfire

Adam Brayton’s World Champs bike

This Scott Gambler has one of the lairiest paint jobs we’ve seen on any bike – and it’s dripping in colour matched Hope Technology bits. At a glance it just looks bold and bright, but up close the amount of detail is incredible – worth spending some time staring at!

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – Adam Brayton’s custom painted Scott Gambler with Hope Technology custom components and brakes.

Transition Scout

Transition make some stunning bikes, but the finish on this carbon Scout is possibly the nicest finish we’ve seen. it looks very similar to the grey that Ford us on the Focus ST – though it looks much nicer on the Transition.

We’ve not spent much time on Transition bikes – but hope to change that soon!

NEC Cycle Show

NEC Cycle Show 2016 – Transition Bikes Scout Carbon, in Ford Focus ST grey!


 What do you think of the bikes and kit we spotted at the NEC Cycle Show?

Anything take your fancy?

Let us know in the comments below…





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