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September 16th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Lifestyle

4 DJ Mixes for your weekend

We’re big music lovers here at Factory Jackson, and spend a lot of time scouring online.

To kick off your weekend, here’s four completely different DJ Mixes varying from BBQ friendly funk and soul courtesy of those fine folk at Breakin Bread, to breakneck speed old school drum and bass from Jaguar Skills.

DJ Mixes - four awesome mixes for your weekend

DJ Mixes – from 90’s guilty pleasures to 180bpm Drum and Bass anthems!

Get involved and make your Friday a musical one – whether thats sat in the office; fettling bikes in the workshop or heading out on a road trip…

Chilled out BBQ funk

Breakin Bread resident DJ Tony S has put together this ace Summer Party Grooves mix. It takes in soul, funk, disco, beats, house and more – and ranges from the old to the new.

It’s fairly eclectic as far as DJ Mixes go – and is great for a chilled out, foot tapping morning in the office as it is sipping a G+T in a deck chair.





90’s Guilty Pleasures from DJ Crack T

Crack T is a German Hip Hop DJ from Dusseldorf with an immense amount of skill behind the decks.

Cutting, scratching, juggling and phasing – it’s all in here, but not with the Hip Hop genre you might expect from a DJ like Crack T.

This mix is a selection of guilty pleasures from the 90’s. Some bad, some terrible and the odd gem thrown in. This mix has so many bad tunes that it’s actually genius!

You can not fail to laugh and remember some of the great times from the 90’s – one of our all time favourite DJ Mixes!

Crank it up loud!


Abstract Hip Hop Beats and Electronica

Pretty Lights  has hosted the HOT sh*t for a long time now, and each show never fails to impress with modern electronic funk, beats and bassy hip hop.

This is a nice selection for early afternoon – when you’re considering whether or not to have that cheeky apres work beer or not.

It’s a steady foot tapper – lock in and enjoy!



The History of Drum and Bass in 1 hour

If you listened to drum and bass in the 90’s – this is for you. If not – you’ll probably hate this masterpiece by the masked mixtape champion Jaguar Skillsas far as DJ Mixes go – this is the nearest you’ll get to a mental night listening to drum and bass in an arena with Mc Skibadee. 

Don’t listen to this unless you plan going out – as you’re gonna want to get on it with this cranked up.

And definitely don’t listen to this if you’re driving as it will give you a lead foot and you’ll be in the fast lane doing 120mph flashing your lights before you know it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


What sort of tunes are you in to?

We’re happy to scour if you’re struggling to find decent mixes online.

Let us know in the comments below!




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