Eurotrash at Eurobike! Weird and Wonderful!

September 6th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Eurotrash! Randoms from the biggest bike show of the lot!

Eurobike is the huge annual cycling show held in Freidrichshafen, Germany. The show is known as the biggest of the lot by a long way – now filling 12 halls, two outdoor areas and two foyers.

Each hall at Eurobike is about the same size as the biggest show held in the UK – so as you might imagine you see so much random stuff!

From the latest and greatest – the the weird, wonderful, odd and obscure – here are some of our favourite Eurotrash themed bits from our wonder around Eurobike 2016!

Pedal Power Scalextric

Eurotrash at Eurobike!


Turbo trainers suck ass, right? But who doesn’t like Scalextric?

To make your car go faster you simply pedal faster – could this be the new Rollapaluza?

E-Bike Fever! 

Those crazy Euros have been on the e-bike trip for a long time now, but at the moment e-bike fever is reaching epidemic levels!

Any old bike will do – a DH race bike, beach cruiser or even a road bike. Anything goes!

Eurotrash at Eurobike!

Jokes aside, the next level of e-bikes coming through are seriously impressive. We’ve been riding an e-bike recently and honestly haven’t laughed as much riding a bike in a long time – don’t knock it until you’ve tried one!

The Haibike and Lapierre above are both serious bits of kit – and are both on our must-try list for next season!

Whilst some manufacturers are making high performance bikes, others are specialising in pointless fun time bikes – like this super cool fat bike cruiser with batteries in the top tube ‘tank’ (we want this now!) or this pit bike with an e-motor. How about that for some pint sized antics?

The €15,000 carbon fibre E-Bike

Someone had to do it.

This thing might have a face for radio, but it is quite literally dripping in the most expensive stuff possible. And at €15K – what the f*…!

Eurotrash at Eurobike!

Hans Rey

The iconic GT rider has been to Eurobike pretty much every year of it’s existence – and has been riding for GT Bicycles for the duration. This year was special though – it was his 30th year with GT bicycles – so with beers and mullets they celebrated the iconic rider in style!

Hans is one of the nicest guys in the entire industry, and is still shredding. Way to go Hans – you rock. Look forward to a ride with you soon.

More beer related stuff

Eurobike is famous for beer, bread and sausage. But sausages aren’t interesting to take photos of, so we stuck to the beer option.

The crew at Evil bikes are prime Eurotrash candidates – they decided to turn their stand in to a bar this year, complete with mock-urinals on the way with abuse scribbled all over them.

Eurotrash at Eurobike!

Kevin, Cal and the rest of the Evil Bikes crew are all a great laugh – and like a beer. So it was no surprise that they drank their own bar dry, just minutes in to the week long show – and were forced to invent some bar games to kill time.

So we have them to thank for carefully crafting the awesome new pub sports of both long range darts and skate darts. Solid work chaps!

Beer and bikes work well together – so how about a bike* that you can serve beer from?

*Yeah yeah we know it’s a trike, but once you’ve got stuck in to that keg of Grolsch you’ll need the extra wheel to make it home. We can feel a Factory Jackson beer bike coming on for next summer!

Bike ‘Art’

If you’re in to recycling and upcycling there is always a lot for you at Eurobike.  Like Upcycling? Check this place out for some cool ideas. Eurotrash at Eurobike!


Retro randoms

If all else fails, dust off the old school stuff from the back of the store room and wheel it on to the display. People lap this stuff up – ourselves included! Absolutely love the Uvex F1 helmet from 1979 as worn by Hans-Joachim Stuck, and who doesn’t like a giggle at the old sausage hats that roadies used to wear?

Mavic had this ultra cool Peugeot car on their stand, which attracted more attention than their stunning new wheels!

Molly Coddling inventions.

Last year we saw the automatically inflating helmet for those that don’t want to wear a helmet (amusing video here), but now that roadies seem to be getting some of the technology mountain bikes have had for nearly two decades they’re all getting a bit overwhelmed by it all.

So now it looks like you can now get disc brake rotors with plastic protectors to fill the gaps now. Ahh, isn’t that sweet?

Eurotrash at Eurobike!

Yeah yeah, we know they’re the Dura Ace rotors with heat dissipating fins to compensate for the small rotor size, but we couldn’t help ourselves!

Bikepacking everything

Yep, we admit it – we love the idea of bike packing. And a bike kitted out to the max is certainly a talking point.

There’s just something cool about them.

Eurotrash at Eurobike!

This particular bike was kitted out for events like Iditabike – arguably the toughest race on earth at 1000miles in tundra conditions. To compete you have to have completed the 350mile version first, and must pay your recovery costs up front in case of emergency – you get a refund if it’s not used!

Upside down forks

Every year someone shows off an upside down single crown fork. And every year we are only interested in the rad looking X-Fusion version that still isn’t available.

We didn’t get much closer to this fork as we found ourselves as repulsed by it as were were drawn to it in the first place. #sorrynotsorry

Eurotrash at Eurobike!

Weird sh*t

Eurobike has plenty of weird stuff.

Like this fork that’s in a fancy dress costume as a pair of scissors.

Eurotrash at Eurobike!

Bike wash like a car wash, for your bike? What’s not to like!

We’re a little unsure of the marketing message from Conway Sport though.


Bikes that look like they should have engines

Just look at this poor thing.

Someone has stolen the engine.

Eurotrash at Eurobike!

Girls in fancy dress that has nothing to do with bikes.

Someone forgot to tell a lot of bike brands that show girls cause more bad press these days than they do good. But it doesn’t stop the queues of clammy, suited businessmen queuing up to have their photos taken with them.

In this case, we’re on point as these woman are all amazing mountain bicyclists.


Eurotrash at Eurobike!

 You been to Eurobike before? What crazy stuff did you see?

Let us know in the comments below! 





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