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August 22nd, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Patrick Joscelyne from Surly Bikes

With past working on the team behind MBUK, What Mountain Bike and Cycling Plus magazines, Patrick Joscelyne is well known amongst the UK cycling industry, and for a few years now has been working for Ison Distribution as the QBP parts manager. Amongst Pat’s niche brands are Whisky; All City and Surly.

Pat’s been a mountain biker since it first took off in the UK, and his first proper mountain bike was a Kona Cindercone in 1988 – that old paint flicker one – and he never turned back. He absolutely loves off road riding – be that mountain biking, off road touring or even cross.

If you want to chew the fat about mountain bikes, Pat’s your man.

MTB Essentials | Patrick Joscelyne (25 of 25)

Patrick Joscelyne from Surly bikes UK is a friendly chap who loves talking bikes. If you see him at bike events, he’ll be the one losing his voice. Every time…

This is the seventh part of our MTB Essentials series where we talk to industry workers and fellow riders about five MTB related things they simply can’t be without.

Last time we spoke to Olly Wilkins from DMR Bikes. Check it out right here 

This time, we chat to Patrick Joscelyne about the five things that his MTB lifestyle simply can not live without…


Fat tyred Plus Size bikes

MTB Essentials | Patrick Joscelyne (3 of 25)

He might work for Surly Bikes, but Pat was virtually born to ride one. Anyone that knows Patrick Joscelyne will know the kind of guy he is. And no, this shot wasn’t taken in the Caribbean. It’s just a beer garden in Bath!

“I ride a Surly Krampus 29+ – but love anything big. That could be 26+; 27.5+ or even 700×41+. Its all fun to me.

I think plus size bikes have a better feel when running tubeless. There’s loads of grip, which makes an average rider like me feel better in lots of different conditions. It always makes me smile, and I love the way people look at me with the ‘what the f***?’ look on their faces!

Obviously they’re not ideal on the road, and people will pick holes. But for me the fat tyre thing is brilliant”

The Surly Krampus is available from £499 for a frame, as well as complete builds. They are available from Ison Distribution


Morgaw Trian Enduro saddle

MTB Essentials | Patrick Joscelyne (12 of 25)

Although saddle choice is completely personal, Patrick Joscelyne is all over the Morgaw Trian Enduro saddle. It’s suspended base works a treat – we are reviewing one currently.

“For me, probably one of the best things I’ve discovered is the Morgaw Enduro saddle. It’s the comfiest saddle I’ve ever used –  and I’ve ridden a hell of a lot of saddles for a lot of miles over the years.

I realise that saddle choice is completely personal – what I like might not work for you. But really, the concept of this saddle is such a good idea.

The rails are mounted via a suspension system to the body – it absorbs short, spiky hits and the saddle body moves with your backside. I can ride for much longer on this saddle than anything else”

The Morgaw Trian Enduro saddle is available from £89, and you can get them right hereWe have our back sides parked on one right now, and will have a review on the site ASAP!


Time pedals

MTB Essentials | Patrick Joscelyne (11 of 25)

“Not many people I know use Time. Shimano are a go to for many, and Crank Brothers thanks to clever marketing are also a big hitter out there.

Time don’t seem to wear out or go wrong. They are also brilliant in the mud – which I have a lot of. Where other pedals have clogged, my Time pedals just keep on working.

Also, the knee float works really well, and although other brands like HT have caught up – I committed to Time when I realised how good they are and I have a garage full of them. All my bikes have them, and all my shoes have the cleats in place.

Choosing something else would be a pain. If it ain’t broke…”

Time pedals retail from £60 and you can get them right here


Sony Z3 phone 

MTB Essentials | Patrick Joscelyne (23 of 25)

“I need a phone for work – and because I ride on my own a lot. I’ve grown tired of having to use cases to keep them protected, or constantly be cautious of where I store my phone. I’ve used all generations of the waterproof Sony Z phone and can not live without it.

It takes good photos, is not affected by the weather conditions and makes phone calls.

Yeah OK, you can get cases and waterproof bags for your phone – but this is no fuss and works when I need it to”

You can get Sony Z3 phones for approx £150, or for free as part of various phone contracts. Check out Sony UK for details.



Source bladders

MTB Essentials | Patrick Joscelyne (16 of 25)

“I’ve used most brand packs, and most brand bladders – but the one I just can’t better is the Source bladder.

I have one several years old that I still use. I love the closure design that is incredibly secure, allows you to be able to load of with ice cubes and it’s very easy to clean. And with the large opening you can open it over a pint glass so the inside dries properly.

The Source bladders have been BPA free from the beginning – and isn’t affected by energy gels that can corrode some bladders”

Source hydration bladders cost from £27.99 and you can get them right here





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