Essential Red Bull TV Viewing!

August 12th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Lifestyle

Essential Red Bull TV documentaries and films!

There’s a load of great stuff on the internet – and a whole load of tosh as well.

Allow us to take the hassle of scouring out for you – last time we checked out 3 awesome documentaries on Netflix (check them right here).
This time we head to Red Bull TV to have a rummage – and we’ve found some gold for you. You can watch these Essential Red Bull TV films online – or if you use Apple TV watch them on the built in app on your TV.



On Any Sunday, the next chapter

essential Red Bull TV

On Any Sunday, the next chapter – essential Red Bull TV viewing!

First things first – if you’ve not seen On Any Sunday then you should stop what you’re doing and get hold of it right now!

On Any Sunday is the iconic motorcycle racing documentary by Bruce Brown – and features the ultra cool Steve McQueen as himself – racing motorbikes in the dirt. (you can get it from Amazon right here )

On any Sunday – the next chapter is the modern day version, and was released last year. It’s also insanely cool and deals with salt lake racing, hill climbs, GP racing, motocross and mental stunts from riders like Robbie Maddison.

Ex-Kona Clump freerider Carlin Dunn is also in the film – he’s been a motorcycle racer for life, and it’s really interesting to see this side of his life.

Just watch it now – it’s 90mins of awesome and absolutely essential Red Bull TV viewing!


Revolutions on Air

essential Red Bull TV

Essential Red Bull TV viewing – Revolutions on Air

This one’s for the music lovers out there and is all about the golden era of New York radio shows when Hip Hop and Electronica were really pushing things forward. There’s loads of archive content in here from DJ Spinna, Stretch Armstrong and Tony Humphries – and so many incredible images.

It’s loaded with information and so many great tunes from such an influential time. If you’re in to your music – you can’t fail to enjoy this!

Crack open a beer, turn it up loud and enjoy!



First Descent Michoacan

essential Red Bull TV

Kayaking might not be your cup of tea, but First Descent really is essential Red Bull TV viewing.

We know loads of surfers, but not many kayakers.

And we don’t know much about kayaking except it’s bat shit crazy and Rafa Ortiz is just about the most bad ass kayaker on the planet.

This is a series with Red Bull sponsored Rafa and friends travelling through Mexico following the Michoacan – tackling white water and waterfalls that are so gnarly it’s ridiculous.

Great viewing, and top wonder lust material too…






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