Mondraker Bikes 2017 – Our Top Picks

August 10th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd

Mondraker Bikes 2017 – Our Top Picks

Mondraker Bikes have really been coming up through the ranks over the last few years, and for 2017 their range looks absolutely stunning. And with Danny Hart kicking some ass in the UCI World Cup, things are really heating up for the Spanish brand…


Mondraker Bikes 2017

We don’t have the full details about the Mondraker Bikes 2017 range yet, but here’s the Factory Jackson top five bikes from the range:


Mondraker Bikes 2017 Dune Alloy XR

Mondraker Bikes 2017

The Dune Alloy is excellent, but since the Carbon version came out last year, we’ve not been able to avert our eyes from the sleeker lines of the fantastic plastic model. (check our review here)

For 2017, the Dune (and Foxy) Alloy bikes have a revised shape – looking every bit as good as the carbon models, but at a fraction of the price.

And the XR has a whole load of pink going on. What’s not to like?


Mondraker Bikes 2017 Summum Carbon Team

Mondraker Bikes 2017

It would be rude to not pick the Summum Carbon Team now that Danny Hart and team mate Laurie Greenland are showing how damned fast they are.

And it’s a hell of a bit of kit too – from the incredible Zero suspension platform to the adjustable geometry and featherweight build – which is nearer that to most modern trail bikes than a world cup downhill race bike.

Buy one of these and be instantly faster.



Mondraker Bikes 2017 Crafty R Plus E

Mondraker Bikes 2017

Adam wouldn’t stop batting on about his Crafty Plus #frankenbike this year on Factory Jackson, and for 2017 they are making an E-version which surely makes the plus size fun bike even better?

I seriously can not wait to get out on one of these – my plan is to see off the local road club climbing up to the woods then see off my riding buddies on the single track!

Check out the Frankenbike right here


Mondraker Bikes 2017 Foxy Carbon R

Mondraker Bikes 2017

I may love riding a Mondraker Dune myself, but it’s the Foxy that I had my best MTB fling with. It’s the bike that genuinely changed the way I ride, and I bloody love it for that.

The 2017 Foxy Carbon has to be my favourite looking bike of the lot – and it’s all black.

Bad to the bone!

Check out my longterm thoughts on the Foxy right here .


Mondraker Bikes 2017 Dune Carbon XR

Mondraker Bikes 2017

OK, so I’m riding the 2016 bike now. And it’s already flat out fast.

But as well as a kick-ass new paint job, the 2017 version has a coil shock on it.

I bet this Dune goes like f***!

Still not seen enough?

Good job we have this video ready with the ENTIRE range featured in it!

Get involved!







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