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August 3rd, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Olly Wilkins from DMR Bikes

Many of you will have heard of Olly Wilkins, and will certainly have seen him in videos floating round on the web – more often than not hooning about with close friend Brendan Fairclough or professional mega-mouth Ben Deakin.

Olly is one of the most stylish riders around, and is well known for his love of getting loose in the turns and sending it sideways on huge jumps.

But not many folk know that Olly Wilkins is the brains behind so many of the brilliant DMR Bikes products on the market right now. He’s a talented designer, ruthless tester and holds down an office position at DMR Bikes as Brand Manager.

He even wears a shirt to work occasionally.

Olly Wilkins with DMR Bolt bike and Mazda pickup Truck. Swinley Forest, Berks. July 2016.

Olly couldn’t whittle his list down to five things. So we let him have a sixth – his pick up truck: “I’ve always been into pickups. Not sure why. Not huge ones either. I really love low 2wd gangsta ones. My Mazda has taken years of searching to find and it’s the best! The most obnoxious exhaust and an mx5 engine makes it pretty hard to keep straight in the wet!! Plus it’s got a bench seat in the front. Perfect for shuttling” Photo | Steve Behr

Olly Wilkins spends more time smiling and laughing than not. He’s got a very unique position in the industry in product design, testing and marketing.

But don’t let the pick up truck and dirt bag biker image fool you – Olly is all about looking sharp away from the bike. You probably wouldn’t even recognise him bopping down Guildford high street in double denim.

This is the sixth part of our MTB Essentials series where we talk to industry workers and fellow riders about five MTB related things they simply can’t be without.

Some folks might pick the latest and greatest carbon fibre super bikes – but others will be delving in their riding bags to pull out trusty multi-tools a decade old…

(last time we spoke to Finlay Paton from Rose Bikes UK . Check it out right here )

This time, we chat to Olly Wilkins about the five things that his MTB lifestyle can’t live without…


Long Handled Shovel

Olly Wilkins, DMR Bikes

With roots in the trails scene, Olly is very much a hands on guy when it comes to digging. Photo | Steve Behr

“I got my shovel a few years ago at my first Rampage. It probably cost $9 or something. The bond between me and that shovel was so strong that I had to bring it back! Since then it’s built everything I ride and has the biggest flattest face, just right for lips”

You can get quality long handled shovels for about £22. Try this one 


Protec Helmet

Olly Wilkins, DMR Bikes

There are plenty of increased coverage helmets floating about in the MTB world these days, but Olly Wilkins has been all over them for a long time. Remember the iconic Bucky Lasek helmet in that milky colour with red straps? It originally came about when Bucky trimmed down one of these full coverage lids. Good pub knowledge, that. Photo | Steve Behr

“I’ve always loved the ProTec full cut and I’ve always been a fan of patina. This helmet combines these two loves nicely. Every crash I’ve had is recorded in the scratches it’s covered with!”

The TSG Dawn is the modern equivalent of this lid, retails for about £40 and is available from Ison Distribution

Chewing Tobacco

Olly Wilkins

We know what you’re thinking. We think it too! Photo | Steve Behr

“The perfect after-ride accompaniment. I was first given Snus by Trond Hansen after a hard days riding in Norway. It’s become a part of the ritual since. I’m not condoning it, but I am recommending it!”

If you want to know where Olly get’s his stash, you’d better ask him as getting hold of it in the EU is a bit of a grey area! 

DMR Vault Brendog Pedals

Olly Wilkins, DMR Bikes

The DMR Vault is a bloody good pedal – and Olly’s top DMR product. Photo | Steve Behr

“Okay obviously I work for DMR, help develop products and obviously Brendog is my mate… but STILL! These pedals are the only ones for me. Matte black, the perfect platform, the perfect grip, the perfect concave. Simple”

The DMR Vault is available in various guises from £109.99 all the way up to £199.99 for the Vault Super Light Magnesium body/Ti Axle option. Get them right here

Hip Lok

Olly Wilkins' DMR Bolt bike in the back of his Mazda pickup truck. Locked with Hiplock Homie lock. Swinley Forest, Berks. July 2016.

Olly Wilkins’ DMR Bolt bike in the back of his Mazda pickup truck. Locked with Hiplock Homie lock. Photo | Steve Behr

“#trucklife can be hard. Especially if you’re a walking talking mtb stereotype like myself. Do I worry about my Reynolds carbon wheels when I’m buying sushi between rides? Well no, not since I got myself a HipLok Homie! The only way I can buy my sashimi and know my ride is 100% safe”

Hiplok chain locks range from £44.99- £109.99 for the Homie that Olly uses. Check out the full range right here


Follow Olly’s Athlete Page on Facebook right here to follow his escapades. Expect anything from Dirt Burke Edits with Ben Deakin to top Tinder tips and male grooming advice.




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