Troy Lee Designs Ruckus 2016 Kit Review

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Product Full Name | Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Shorts/Jersey

Retail Price | £109.99 / £44.99

Available From | Troy Lee Designs 

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus – shorts and jersey

The Ruckus series is the all mountain trail riding kit from Troy Lee Designs. The shorts are full featured with a premium liner and all the pockets you need. The jersey is a 3/4 sleeve option – which although won’t suit everyone, is one of the best ones available.

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Formation Jersey

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus kit is the perfect trail riding kit. The extra length of the forearms works well with elbow pads and really helps keep the brambles at bay. Photo | Steve Behr


Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Jersey

The Troy Lee Designs Ruckus jersey is a 3/4 sleeve design, which offers a little more protection from the sun and scratching shrubbery than regular short sleeve designs – but is much cooler than a full length jersey.

The Ruckus is made from a wicking polyester fabric that features perforated vented panels on both sides, and a snug stretchy neck for a close, comfortable fit. There’s a soft glasses wipe sewn in to the jersey too – a nice feature aimed at trail riders.

The cut is loose – but shaped well. The body is really long – making it a perfect jersey for taller riders – and the sleeves are roomy but sit well on the forearm. Unlike some other 3/4 jerseys, the extra length and cut of the arms keeps them in place at speed.

The other nice thing with 3/4 sleeve jerseys like the Ruckus, is that they meet with elbow pads well – avoiding the dreaded gap between the pad and sleeves that you can get with short sleeves.

New for 2016 are the zippered pockets on the rear of the jersey. Although you could fit a phone or keys in these pockets, we’d probably just use them for a credit card and other lightweight items.

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus  Jersey

The Ruckus jersey works really well with elbow pads. In the shot here, Doddy’s using Race Face Charge pads – thin pads to keep the scrapes at bay. Photo | Sam Needham

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Ripstop Shorts

The Ruckus is a high end short for trail riding, and comes with a decent quality inner short – one of the best available. The inner short is made from perforated vented polyester and has a decent chamois. Lycra cuffs keep it snug on your legs and the waistband is similar to decent quality boxer shorts. And most importantly – it’s really comfortable and washes up well.

Troy Lee Designs cycling undershorts. Swinley Forest, Berks. July 2016.

Troy Lee Designs cycling undershorts. Swinley Forest, Berks. July 2016.

Sitting just on the knee, the Troy Lee Designs Ruckus short is a decent length for all but the tallest of riders (I’m 6’3″ and find them OK), and team up well with knee pads.

They are made from a thin, but durable 2-way stretch polyester and spandex fabric. It’s a nice weight short and has a loose but well tailored fit.

The Troy Lee Designs Ruckus shorts are loaded with features – adjustable waistband cinches; button and zip fly; ventilated side panels; zippered vents on the inside of the thighs and storage pockets that are genuinely useful.

The small of the back has a padded pocket that holds car keys and similar sized objects well. On the right leg is a zippered pocket that accepts a smart phone (iPhone 6 fits, but any bigger would be tight) and stops it bouncing around. There are two conventional hand pockets – one with a zip, the other just an open pocket.

The Ruckus short is so damned comfortable, we often find ourselves using them as day-to-day shorts off the bike too. Even with the stretchy rear panel, they don’t scream ‘cyclist’, but have all the tech features to make them excellent in the saddle.

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus

The Troy Lee Designs Ruckus shorts are about perfect for Doddy’s 6’3″ frame. They work well with knee pads and aren’t too short without. If you’re on the lanky side though, you might want to try before you buy to check the fit. Photo | Sam Needham

We Say

The Troy Lee Designs Ruckus kit is one of the nicest combo’s around for in the saddle action. The cut is excellent and overall comfort is bang on.

The jersey will suit taller riders and has the best overall fit of a 3/4 jersey out there – no flappy business here, just a well considered cut and a reasonable price. The Ruckus shorts are a fair bit pricier though – but they are also very good, come with all the features you will want for riding in most conditions and feature one of the best inner shorts available. 

Hunt around and you can find a bargain online too…





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