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July 18th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Finlay Paton from Rose Bikes UK

Fin has been on the MTB scene in the UK for over two decades, and having worked at places like Mud Dock; MBUK Magazine and TF Tuned Shox has become one of the most knowledgable guys around.

These days, Fin works for the German giant Rose Bikes and is the chap you will see at trade shows; doing demos and generally shredding round the UK. He’s no slouch, that’s for sure…

Finlay Paton | Rose Bikes

Finlay Paton runs Rose Bikes UK, and is a shredder. You’ll often see him out riding around the UK – when he’s not tuning demo bikes or keeping customers happy.

This is the fifth part of our MTB Essentials series where we talk to industry workers and fellow riders about five MTB related things they simply can’t be without.

Some folks might pick the latest and greatest carbon fibre super bikes – but others will be delving in their riding bags to pull out trusty multi-tools a decade old…

(last time we spoke to Adam Wight, our roaming tester and writer. Check it out right here)

This time, we chat to Finlay Paton about the five things that his MTB lifestyle can’t live without…


Easton Cully pedals

Finlay Paton | Rose Bikes

Although not a flat pedal user as such, there is only one flat pedal for Finlay Paton – the classic Easton Cully. The signature pedal of one of the sports most stylish riders.

“These are probably the first set of real flat pedals I’ve owned – yeah I’m a clipless kinda guy most the time. But for the jump bike and when clips just aren’t working, the Easton Cully is my go-to pedal. I’ve owned this set for around 15 years and they never need more than a re-grease.

I recently found some barely used on eBay for £25 and snapped them up as back-ups”

Although the Cully is no longer made, you can still get spares here and the iconic Easton Flatboy is still made and available for £79.95. Find out more right here


Thule Euro Classic G6 Towball mounted carrier

Finlay Paton | Rose Bikes

Although his long wheelbase Transporter is big enough for usual duties, taking a demo fleet or attending bike shows means Finlay Paton can take a lot of bike when he uses the Thule tow ball rack too.

“There is simply no other bike rack on the planet that secures your bikes so well to the vehicle – it includes lights to keep the plod happy and stops your bikes trashing your car or van. For a car guy, that’s a biggy for me. No tailgate dents or muddy interiors to deal with”

The Thule Euro Classic G6 costs £509.99 and you can get them from UK distributor Madison right here

Volkswagen Transporter T5

Finlay Paton | Rose Bikes

Those that know Fin will tell you how much of a car nut he is. This is one of three German motors he currently owns. The other two are quite a bit faster, mind.

“I take my vehicles very seriously and having always been a VW nut, I could choose only one van for my duties at Rose Bikes – especially as I often need to take several bikes and a load of kit with me.

Its got a serious engine producing over 200 bhp, which makes the van rather spritely and able to keep up with most sporting saloons.

It has all the mod cons too, heated leather seats, navigation and an optional bed for nights away. Fully loaded it’ll take 5 passengers and up to 8 bikes, with the rack fitted. It’s usually wrapped, though I’ve removed the wrap to give it some TLC before a new different design wrap goes on. You’ll see it coming!”

The VW Transporter is one of the most popular MTB vehicles due to it’s performance and versatility. Spec one out right here


Troy Lee Gloves

Finlay Paton | Rose Bikes

Troy Lee Designs gloves – no nonsense.

“I think I have a serious hoarding problem – I have more gloves than any other item in my wardrobe

Troy Lee Designs make the most comfortable gloves on the market. It has to be just a single layer on the palm – just enough to stop gravel embedding itself in your hands in a crash, no bulky additional padding, I’ve even been known to pick a layer of padding off the palm of a glove to make it feel right – though these gloves (XC Anarchy) are perfect for me”

Troy Lee Designs gloves are available from £18.99. Check out the full range right here


Oakley Radar Lock Prizm Trail

Finlay Paton | Rose Bikes

“As a contact lens wearer, I really need to wear something to protect my eyes every ride.

Oakley is the only glass I will wear – they are tough, have interchangeable lenses and have excellent optics. There is no distortion or annoying magnification. As a plus, the new Prizm tint really helps to pick out the trail details when dealing with dark or dappled light”

Oakley Radar Lock glasses start at £135 and are available from Oakley UK 





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