Fabric Cycling 2017 | The Best Bits

June 22nd, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Tech

Fabric 2017 | Our pick of the products

Fabric Cycling make some of the coolest cycling products around – in particular the humble saddle, and their excellent cageless bottle .

We recently attended their 2017 product launch – here are our favourite bits from the Fabric 2017 range…


Fabric Waterbottles

Fabric Cycling 2017

The cageless bottle design is one of the neatest ‘why didn’t anyone do this sooner?’ MTB products on the market, and for 2017 Fabric are offering a whole range.

From the left there is the Tool Keg – a simple storage compartment with an inner neoprene sleeve to top things rattling around. It retails for £12.99.

Then there is the following – 600ml bottle £9.99 | 750ml bottle £11.99 | Insulated bottle £15.99.

All bottles come with two sets of mounts and are available from  Fabric Cycling  


Fabric Line, Scoop and Scoop Gel saddles




Fabric Cycling 2017

Saddles are such a personal preference subject, but Fabric have managed to make a saddle option for everyone in their range, thanks to the simple system of three base shapes combined with different uppers.

We love the lack of staples and glue; how easy they are to keep clean and especially love the addition of a soft gel padded woman’s model – it’s soft enough to be comfortable for the casual cyclist, yet has a performance shape.

Fabric saddles retail from £39.99 – £224.99 depending on shape, material and rail material. All can be found right here


Fabric M200 high volume pump

Fabric Cycling 2017

Simplicity is key when it comes to pumps, and the M200 pump is simple and made from quality materials. It’s large tubing size allows for an easy inflation of large volume tyres and has a max rating of approx 90psi. There is a dual valve locking head on a hose for easy access to the valve, and the pump is easily rebuildable (we pulled it apart at the launch!)

The Fabric M200 pump retails for £29.99 and you can see the full details at Fabric.cc 


Fabric Eight Tool

Fabric Cycling 2017

Sitting in a range of five neatly designed tools, the Eight is your staple MTB multitool. It’s nicely made and features quality, easy to use tools.

At £17.99 it’s well priced too. Just the sort of thing to have permanently in your riding pack.


Fabric FL30 Light

Fabric Cycling 2017

We all need lights for those dark nights or late rides home – and this rear light has a very cool feature tucked away.

It has an accelerometer inside, which detects when your bike is braking and brightens the light – a brilliant feature. This light is available in front or rear options – and though the front is very good and has a backup red led section for use as a rear light; it’s the rear that took our interest.

The Fl30 retails for £27.99 – be it the front or back – and there is a full light range coming too.

Fabric Cycling 2017




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