Bliss ARG Vertical 12L Pack Review

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Product Full Name | Bliss Arg Vertical LD 12 Backpack Back Protector

Retail Price | £114.99

Available From | Madison

Bliss ARG Vertical 12ltr bag – the ultimate Enduro pack?

Here at Factory Jackson we’re self confessed bag geeks as well as bike nerds, and we love nothing more than a new riding pack to try out.

Unfortunately, looks aren’t always enough when it comes to biking packs, many look the part but functionally don’t perform. A few months back we received this very sexy looking Bliss ARG 12 ltr pack from Bliss, which amongst many other things, features a back protector made from their very own Armourgel found in some of their other protection products.

Bliss ARG
The Detail

First things first, the Bliss ARG looks great and comes in the traditional Bliss-blue colour way with black graphics or vice versa around for the less aesthetically loud out there. It features an array of internal storage compartments for the myriad of tools and general junk we bikers carry around with us, and also has numerous loops on the outside for carrying your full face lid and knee pads.

The material of the Bliss ARG bag itself and the zips claim to be waterproof, which so far has stood true to form. Thankfully just outside the prolonged winter weather period – so a longterm durability report will come later.

Out On The Trail

So, aside from the almost endless features list, the more important bit – how does the Bliss ARG work in practice?

Many bags – even some of the most expensive – fall short when it comes to actually using them when riding for long periods or on technical trails. We’re pleased to report that isn’t the case with the Bliss ARG in question, it’s incredibly comfy!

Bliss ARG

The straps are as expected, fully adjustable and little velcro ties keep the excess neat and tidy, and the shoulder pads are breathable and comfortable.

The real revelation though is the waist strap with large padded hip supports. They keep the weight of the Bliss ARG where it should be – on your hips. So many bags fail here, lurching about from side to side, tugging on your shoulders or even hitting you in the back of the head mid-huck.

The Bliss ARG however, stayed firmly planted and all with minimal issues – regardless of how much you chuck it about. There’s space for a 3 litre water bladder which is easily accessible, meaning you don’t need a degree in engineering or be Houdini to get your hydration sorted.

We Say

Bliss have done something here that other manufacturers should take note of – kept it simple. Sure, you can make a bag look great and include plenty of features, but don’t over-complicate the issue.

The well constructed, smooth-operating zips open up a long way down the side of the bag ensuring you don’t have to use all your allocated faff time getting at your tyre levers or stowing your jacket, simple. Our only complaint, well more an observation, is that it’s a tad warm against the back on warm days or prolonged periods in the saddle, but then it’s got super soft and comfortable back panels, a minor trade-off really.
At £114.99 it’s not the cheapest available, but then you get what you pay for with the ARG, truly one of the most intuitive and intelligently designed bags we’ve ever had the pleasure of strapping to our backs – buy one!



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