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May 19th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Lifestyle

The best MTB tunes from the best MTB films

Before the bike industry really woke up to the internet, we looked to bike DVD’s to get our action fix.

Because they weren’t popping up on your screen every few days, the better films became quite memorable when they dropped – riders were remembered; specific sections became iconic, and of course the tunes that went with them were sought after.

Ultimate MTB Tunes

If you’ve been mountain bikes for a few years, you’ll certainly recognise a few of the DVD’s here – and will probably remember some of the music from them. We got all the best stuff in one place!

Most the soundtracks on the early videos were simply awesome – so we decided to scour Spotify to create the mother of all playlists featuring the best MTB tunes we could find.

Remember this classic scene from Mud Cows?
Mud Cows was the genius work of Glen Jacobs The tune is the awesome Yoni Kunda by experimental Aussie Metal group The Alchemist – starts at 1.02. It’s one of our all time MTB tunes!

Or what about when Rob Warner strapped a paragliding fan on his back, and pelted through his home town of Henley On Thames setting off speed cameras for Alex Rankin’s Earthed 3?
Only one tune could match that kind of hectic madness – drum and bass anthem Tarantula by Pendulum. Hell of an MTB tune!

Or what about the Dirt Blizzard scene from the incredible UnReal that was recently launched by
It could only be Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum – a classic in it’s own right, and now one of the best MTB tunes out there!

So here’s the list – that’s 10hours and 49minutes worth of awesome MTB tunes!

Either play it direct from the player below – or click through to Spotify and hit shuffle for the best experience. See how many tunes remind you of great riding clips!

( Direct link to playlist right here )


We’d love to know what your all time favourite MTB tunes are!

Have we missed any blinders that are on Spotify?

Let us know in the comments below!



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