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Product Full Name | e13 Components TRS+ and TRSr Enduro Tyres

Retail Price | Plus £56.95 / Race £67.95

Available From | Silverfish 

e13 TRS Enduro Tyres – racing rubber with serious grip

Given how specialist mountain bike tyres are, it always raises an eyebrow when a manufacturer not known for producing tyres does just that.

But e13 have pulled a trump card with their brand new TRS Enduro tyres.

Both tyres were designed from the ground up to offer maximum grip, speed and durability with no compromise. Faster rolling dual compound out back; and triple compound up front for maximum grip.

And they’re bloody awesome!

e13 TRS Enduro tyre

Double Trouble

Designed around a single tread design, there are two compound options in both 27.5 and 29in sizes.  All tyre carcasses are a true 2.35.

The TRS+ has a more durable dual compound – 61a centre tread, with 50a side knobs – whereas the TRSr (Race) model has a triple compound.

The base is 72a, the centre tread is 42a and the side knobs an ultra tacky 40a.e13 TRS Enduro tyre

The tread design of the TRS Enduro tyres is fairly widely spaced for maximum traction in a variety of conditions, and the knobs have shaped edges to aid rolling resistance and dig in under braking. The base of the side knobs is angled for stability, and the shoulder is very pronounced.

Shaped sipes on the shoulders allow the side knobs to deform without collapsing – offering maximum predictability, which is the most important factor in a tyre.e13 TRS Enduro tyre

The casing is seriously heavy duty too, compared to most trail tyres. And the patterned sidewalls resist much more abrasion than standard tyres.

The TRS Enduro tyres feel sturdier than our bench mark Mavic Charge; and very similar to the Michelin Wild Rock’R 2, and not far off the Schwalbe Magic Mary in Super Gravity.

The TRS Enduro is much more like a lightweight DH tyre, than a heavy weight trail tyre – which is what Enduro riders really need with the speed and terrain tackled these days.

Our pre-production prototype samples weighed a touch more than the quoted 900grams for the 27.5in size, but there wasn’t much in it.

e13 TRS Enduro tyre

Out on the trail

I installed the e13 TRS Enduro tyres using Stans sealant, and inflated the tyres with a regular track pump. As they inflated, the 2.35 carcass size appeared huge, in both height and width – they’re certainly a true 2.35.

With the tyres around 25psi, I rolled out on to my local trails to get a feel for them before playing with pressures. Even rolling along the tarmac to my local trailhead, I could feel they were going to be good. That distinct noise of 42a rubber on hard surfaces is a reassuring thing, even if it means you have to pedal constantly.  But once in the dirt, these things practically scream at you to go faster.

The support in the carcass is like a down hill tyre – you can stuff these things in to turns hard and they don’t squirm around or misbehave. The all round feel of the tread is really predictable across all the surfaces we tried, and the rubber compound is phenomenal.

Although the rear tyre rolls fast, the central tread claws in to the ground on climbs and when hard on the brakes it offers superb control. Those softer shoulders really do help grip too, but it’s not too much – the rear end breaks loose at the right time.

The front tyre just doesn’t seem phased by anything. Wet rock? No problem. Roots? Yeah, anyway you like. Mud? Not an issue.

It just feels incredible. I have total trust in it.

e13 TRS Enduro tyre

And in rough terrain with pressures dropped, the casing is excellent. We’ve had no punctures to date (other than a couple of screw driver specials like this to test how thick the casing is), and we’ve smashed the hell out of them on Black runs like 50 Shades to deliberately put them to the test.

The only slight weakness is the casing size – for all round use they are excellent, but when muddy out clearance could be an issue on the back of some bikes. Bear this in mind if you’re lacking out back.

We say

As a pair, the TRS Enduro tyres are seriously impressive. Excellent casing and rim protection; zero issues with burping or punctures and gobs of grip in all conditions we’ve tested them in.

The faster rolling plus compound is great – and will suit most riders. Even up front it would make an excellent tyre.

But the exciting tyre for us is the TRSr race compound, This thing is so grippy it’s actually funny! Stuff it in to any turn, or point and shoot through any rock garden or pack of roots and you’ll be fine. 

And the casing offers decent cushioning that can really only be likened to a DH tyre.

The TRS Enduro tyres are seriously good – but are over kill for general trail thrashing.

If maximum grip; uplift days and trips to the Alps are on your agenda, look no further. 





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