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Keep your bike rolling smooth with Pedros Bike Lubes, Greases and Tools

Pedros have been making bike tools, lubes and care products for 25years, and have always had a good presence in work shops of those needing decent gear.

We’ve been using a selection of their products for a while – here’s the lowdown on the Pedros maintenance gear we have…



Syn Lube | £4.99 | 100ml

This is the product that started it all for Pedros – and is still one of the best they have.

This heavy duty wet lube is perfect for riders who frequently ride in wet and muddy conditions. The unique formula has a detergent  that breaks down particles of dirt whilst keeping your chain lubed. This really helps keeps things running smooth even when your chain is plastered in mud – and it lasts well too.

This is still our favourite of all the wet lubes on the market.


Green Fizz cleaner | £6.50 | 500ml

This biodegradable bike cleaner has a foaming formula that creates a soapy foam that really helps break down the filth that accumulates on your bike.

It’s safe on brakes, doesn’t dull down your pain finish and is environmentally friendly too. It is available in ready-to-use trigger bottles; refill bottles and a 16x concentrate that is ready to be diluted.

What’s not to like?


Chain J | £4.99 | 100ml

This wet lube is much lighter than the Syn Lube, but lasts better than dry lubes. This is probably the best compromise lubricant out there for UK riders in our ‘dry’ conditions as it doesn’t disappear at the first sight of a puddle.

The formula is biodegradable, non-toxic and is a vegetable/synthetic formula.

Bye Grease | £5.99 | 100ml

This degreaser dissolves grease and oil rapidly – you don’t need much at all.

It’s biodegradable but don’t let that fool you – this stuff cuts through stubborn muck. It works so well that it removed all the grime we had on a chain that was in fact holding the chain together! It became rattly after, and reminded us that the chain was worn and needed replacing.



White Grease/Bio Grease 2.0 | £10.99/£8.99

White grease is a heavy duty lithium based grease, with PTFE additives. It is designed for pressure points such as slide and roll bearings; hubs, pedals, bottom brackets and headsets.

Bio-Grease is an all purpose grease for mounting components and lubrication of hubs and pivots. It’s lighter formula is biodegradable.


Y Hex Wrench – £10.99 | Tyre Levers – £3.99

A decent Y-wrench is essential if you work on bikes regularly as they are much faster to use than conventional Allen keys. Pedros make various versions – including this bread and butter 4/5/6mm option.

The tyre levers are our favourite – the shape is excellent, and they are immensely strong. If you are unlucky enough to snap them – they even have a lifetime warranty. That’s a reason on it’s own to buy a pair!



RxM Multitool | £19.99

This compact multi-tool features 12 tools and weighs 163grams.

We especially like the fact it has a removable chain tool with twin jaws, and a spoke key for Mavic wheels – though it has a load of other trail side essentials including:

2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Allen keys; a flat blade screw driver and 3.2, 3.3 and 3.5mm spoke keys.

We have an older version of this tool that we’ve been using for about 6 years – so can vouch for the quality.


Pedros tools and lubricants are available from Silverfish distribution. 

Check out the Pedros Europe website for full details on all the products in the range…




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