Music | Hip Hop, Funk and Beats – DJ Mix

March 22nd, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Lifestyle

Hip Hop, Funk and Beats – DJ mix

Recently we posted a video with some footage of the first round of the UK Enduro series.  Quite a few people commented on the music we used – and a few others got in touch asking about it.

That tune was called Live in the Mix by the awesome Flow Dynamics.  And it gave me an idea…

When not out biking, I love spinning tunes – so thought I’d chuck a music DJ mix together with a few other similar funky tunes. The funk and soul music vibe really suits that excitement of Spring we all get at this time of year.

So here it is, uploaded to Mixcloud.

You can click on the player to play it; download the free app to listen on your devices or if you like it and want to keep it for yourself let me know and I’ll sort out the original file.

Have a listen, play it loud and hopefully – enjoy it!

If you like any of the tunes, look through the track list and you can click through to buy them. If you don’t already use Mixcloud, you should check it out – there’s loads of great stuff on there. And it’s totally free to listen in too.


Do you dig the Funk, Soul and Beats vibe?

Let us know – we might have some other ideas in store…




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