SRAM Roam 60 Carbon 30mm rims | New!

February 25th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Tech

SRAM Roam wheels go wide

Joining the wider rimmed revolution, SRAM have gone straight in at the top end with these stunning new wheels.

Made from carbon fibre, the new rims are 30mm wide internally; are tubeless compatible and feature hookless rims – as well as improved hub internals.


Wheels are one of the best ways to improve how a bike handles out on the trail, and the new wider rims, combined with the light weight of carbon fibre means the new SRAM Roam 60 wheels will be up there with the very best. 30mm wide rims offer a massive amount of support for tyre sidewalls, meaning you can lower pressures without getting that wallowy feeling.

Despite what people might think about tyre pressure, lower pressures roll faster off road than higher pressures. So why hold back from free speed?

The new 900 hub from SRAM has also been designed for the job at hand. The 52 point engagement means instant pick up, and the speedball bearings roll smoothly and are durable for repeat off road action.

Here are the things you need to know about the wheels:

  1. 27.5in
  2. Carbon Fibre hookless design
  3. 30mm internal width
  4. Asymmetrical rim design
  5. Tubeless ready
  6. Graphics kit supplied with seven different colour decals
  7. New SRAM 900 hubs
  8. 24 spokes
  9. 2 cross pattern
  10. 6 bolt disc rotor compatible
  11. Double Time four pawl system – 52 points of engagement
  12. Regular wheels include decals; QR; 15x100mm and 20×110 thru axle caps; 12x142mm thru axle caps.
  13. Boost wheels include decals; 21mm standard and 31mm Rockshox Torque thru axle caps.
  14. Roam 60 wheel price (front/rear) £720/800 | $900/1000 | €939/1043  
  15. 900 hub retail price (front rear) £63/159 | $79/199 | €82/208
  16. Wheel weight: Front 750g | Rear 875g


Factory Jackson

With the Torque cap interface, Boost users can benefit from increased torsional rigidity from the extra surface contact of the hub and the fork lowers. The new SRAM Roam 60 wheels are bang up to date and ready to rip.


The wider rims being used now offer increased tyre stability, and allow lower pressures to be used with sacrificing the ride. Increased grip means you can ride gnarlier trails – and you’ll definitely be out roaming on the new SRAM Roam 60 wheels…




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