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February 10th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Rob Jarman – how the mountain biker turned stuntman keeps on ticking

I’ve had the privilege of working with Rob Jarman a lot over the years.

He’s a super-talented guy with a warm personality and an infectious laugh. Great fun to be around and he always brings the best out in those who surround him.

Rob Jarman

Typical Rob – huge smile, and lots of laughter. This is a screen grab from his film All My Own Stunts by Alastair Lee.

Some of the time I’ve spent with Rob was when he was in his racing prime on the Halfords Bikehut World Cup Downhill team. I’ve also been lucky enough to join him on his MTB adventures – where he tended to take mountain bikes to places where most wouldn’t even consider it.

In Morocco he descended from the ski resort Jebel Attar all the way down to Marrakech. And in the Lake District he climbed the Via Ferrata in Honister Quarry with a bike strapped on his back just for the descent back down. Rob doesn’t really do normal.

Mountain biking was where it all started for Rob though. Though his love of adventure and testing himself lead him to other outdoor pursuits – including mountain climbing, bridge swinging – and stunts.

And he’s now a full time stuntman with some major film work under his belt including Prometheus; Captain America and The Dark Knight Rises, as well as regular TV work.

All My Own Stunts – the Rob Jarman film

Rob Jarman’s life working in outdoor adventure sports and TV isn’t without hitches though. This excellent short film by Alistair Lee tells the story of how Rob got in to the world of stunts, and how mountain biking keeps him level headed. It’s a must-watch film that will have you laughing – and sucking air through your teeth.

Check out this excerpt from the film – there’s a link for buying the film at the end of the clip:

The huge injury that Rob Jarman sustained in the film was when producing an advert for Berghaus – which aired on TV back in 2011.  Check out the finished advert (which doesn’t include the huge crash)

If there wasn’t enough stunts crammed in there – here’s a showreel Rob Jarman posted a few years back showcasing a whole load of work he’s done for TV and major Hollywood films:

And finally – this is a clip from the classic Sprung 5 film by Alex Rankin. This has a load of Rob Jarman action – motocross bikes, crashes, BMX tracks – keep an eye out for him in here…


Rob Jarman has had one hell of a career in the mountain bike industry, and has moved in to the world of TV and Film perfectly. We’ll be talking to Rob soon about the huge roller coaster ride he’s had, with life threatening injuries along the way.

Is there anything you want to know about Rob Jarman?

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll ask him!





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