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February 1st, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Tech

The Bike Place Show 2016 – Our pick of the coolest kit

Despite how much stuff gets launched at the enormous international bike show Eurobikethere’s always a bunch of stuff not quite ready – or on display. The Bike Place Show 2016 is a trade show aimed at bike dealers who want to see bikes in the flesh before placing their orders. We took a peek around and spotted a few very cool things:

Orange Bikes | Four

With progressive trail based geometry, the Four offers 120mm travel out back combined with 130mm up front and a 67degree head angle. It’s a nice addition to the range and yet another bike that will prove you don’t need 170mm travel for bombing around the woods.

The Bike Place Show 2016

The Orange Four, show at The Bike Place Show 2016.

 Orange Bikes | Segment 

The popular 29in wheel based Segment that we loved in 2015, has been revised for 2016. It now features Boost Axle spacing and can now accommodate 27.5in wheels with plus size tyres. It’s a versatile trail bike and now it will be more fun than ever!

Niner | Rkt 9

This lovely carbon fibre Niner we spotted at The Bike Place Show 2016 has 100mm of travel and will go like a rocket! It also features the new Niner carbon wide-rimmed wheels that feature a 24mm internal rim/30mm external.

The Bike Place Show 2016
The Niner Rkt looks like a weapon! We saw this bike at The Bike Place Show 2016

Wickens of Soderstrom | High End Maintenance products

With attractive packaging reminiscent of modern male grooming products, Wickens of Soderstrom offer a touch of class in the bike maintenance world. There are advanced greases that are available for application only bike bike mechanics through to bike cleaner that comes in a spray bottle with no water in the solution – saving cost on package weight. You simply add water to the concentrate. They also manufacture the first suspension oil endorsed by TF Tuned Shoxwho won’t put their name on any old lube. We’ll have some on test soon.

Bos Suspension

Bos Suspension make some of the most advanced suspension forks and shocks on the market today – though the slight lack of presence in the UK has concerned some riders – despite possibly the trickest workshop in all of Yorkshire being outfitted specifically to fettle with said units. The issue has been the amount of spare parts, but for 2016 that changes – UK distributors Jungle will have a full supply and will be able to provide full technical support. There will also be a few other independent UK tuners that will be able to assist – like the about-to-launch Sprung Suspension based in the Forest of Dean, operated by our favourite tea boy.

Santa Cruz V10 | new colour! 

OK, so it’s just a new colour. But it’s also one of the most popular downhill mountain bike frames of all time – and its made an appearance at The Bike Place Show 2016.

Whether you need a downhill bike or not, they’re probably still the most desirable styles of mountain bike, and you can’t help but be enchanted by how the top boys ride them.  Even chatting to the big man Steve Peat at the bar at Silverstone after this shot was taken, it’s impossible to not be taken back by his overriding passion for the sport. He told us how even now the thought of an uplift day still makes him excited, and how he loves the uninhibited feeling of riding a bike down hills as fast as he can.

And Peaty still rips on a Santa Cruz V10, so that’s a good enough reason to sleaze on one as any.

The Bike Place Show 2016

Santa Cruz still surprises with fresh colour ways – this V10 was spotted at The Bike Place Show 2016

GT85 Bike Specific Range

Although GT85 and WD40 share the same double letter-double number style name, they’ve never been in bed together as such.

But after chatting to British MTB Trials Legend Martin Hawyes recently we learnt that there was going to be a relationship coming up that mountain bikers need to know about. Sure enough, WD40 acquired GT85.

Hawziee spotted us at The Bike Place Show 2016 and beckoned us over to show us the brand new GT85 Bike Specific range. For anyone that grew up mountain biking in the 90’s, you’ll be pleased to know that smell still remains and is on everything in the range. It’s like Old Spice for bikes.

Golden stuff, get involved.

The Bike Place Show 2016

That’s right – GT85 is officially in the bike world! Spotted at The Bike Place Show 2016

Devinci Bikes to compete with direct sell brands

One of the most interesting things we heard, was how the UK distributor of Devinci Bikes – Haven Distribution – are changing things to compete with the direct sell brands but offering something more for the high street punter.

Taking a percentage decrease in profit, Haven distribution are making an offer to dealers to match the decrease in profit, but to raise sales and retain a customer base. Essentially this means you can walk in to a Devinci dealer and get a killer deal that competes with internet prices – but you get the full service and experience of buying in a bike shop.

And how good are the killer deals?

Well the brand new Devinci Troy Carbon as shown below with full SRAM 1 x 11 spec, Rockshox Pike forks and Monarch Debon Air shock retails for just £2699. That’s complete – AS YOU SEE IT.

And the Hendrix is £2249. We strongly recommend you check out Devinci bikes for 2016 as they are going to kick off in the UK – such great bikes and now insane value for money!

The Bike Place Show 2016

Devinci Wilson – spotted at The Bike Place Show 2016

The Bike Place Show 2016

Devinci Hendrix, as seen at The Bike Place Show 2016

Bianchi don’t just make iconic road bikes

We got chatting to some of the guys at Bianchi bikes – and it turns out they are crazy for mountain biking, in that same way Italians are crazy for quality food, wine and good times. And it looks like there’s going to be some cool stuff to come from Bianchi.

More info soon – but here’s a nice little snippet…

The Bike Place Show 2016

Bianchi don’t just make classic road bikes! Seen at The Bike Place Show 2016

Empire Bikes | MX6 Evo

Love or loathe the look, the technology that goes in to manufacturing the Empire Bikes is just amazing. We were lucky enough to ride some of the early Titanium samples of their amazing 3D Printed bikes and were blown away by what they’d created. This latest version is just as incredible looking.

The Bike Place Show 2016

Empire MX6 Evo – a hell of a bit of kit!

Seen anything you love or loathe above?

We’ve love to know what you think! Let us know in the comments below…





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