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January 27th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd

7 incredible GoPro videos to get you through your bad weather blues

January is a difficult month to get through for many – the combination of being skint after Xmas, more than likely off the beers and certainly having to persevere through endless days of rain can really put a dampener on things.  But thankfully the internet always delivers the best ways to distract you from reality.

GoPro Videos

There are some incredible GoPro videos out there right now, and this lot are some of our favourites. They inspire wanderlust, get your heart racing and one of them’s guaranteed to give you sweaty hands too!

Don’t let the shite weather get you down – get back to day dreaming with some of the best POV (point of view) GoPro videos on the web. Here’s our all time favourites from the last few years…


Candide Thovex skiing like a boss

This is one of those GoPro videos that gives you virtual super powers. Without a doubt this has to be one of the coolest skiing videos out there – it just keeps getting better as he tears his way down the slopes of Val Blanc doing what he wants.

Just awesome.

Climbing Icebergs is mildly terrifying

This is filmed in 4K, in perfect weather conditions – making it visually one of the best GoPro videos of all time.

Intrepid ice climbers Klemen Premrl and Aljaz Anderle for some reason think it’s a good idea to climb an iceberg in Greenland’s Disko Bay. It’s enchanting to watch, but also quite terrifying when you think of the consequences…

Graham Dickinson thinks he’s a bird

Those very few people that think wing suit flying is a good idea are on a totally different planet to the rest of us.  The squirrel suit inventions were invented for close proximity flying to the mountain before flying out and pulling the parachute chord and hopefully descending to safety. at first everyone was just amazed at people being able to glide through the air as if they could

But what they’re doing now is just a whole new level from what Jeb Corliss started. Just watch Graham Dickinson plummet off the side of Mont Blanc before picking the most technical route down, through rocky gullies and through insane gaps in the trees. If you watch until the end there are other GoPro videos from different angles…

Danny MacAskill’s roof top rampage

Put Danny Mac in front of a camera and you’re guaranteed things will go off, but this incredible video puts you right in Danny MacAskill’s position as he negotiates some seriously intense walls, gaps and ledges. The whole video is filmed on GoPro, using a combination of static, drone mounted and of course Danny Mac mounted. This is definitely one of the coolest GoPro videos out there – even non-mountain bikers can’t get enough of it!

British free runner scales the Eiffel tower. On the outside.

James Kingston is an ultra talented Free Runner from Southampton, and spends seemingly much of his time bounding from roof to roof with a few somersaults throw in for good measure. He’s climbed some incredible things like the Wembley Stadium Arch, which made us feel a bit sick, but this one is awesome.

Although the first bit is quite dark, wait until it gets light for first light. Enjoy the view, and the sweaty hands.

Alaskan Airdrop – a new way of dropping in!

Another stunning snow scene video with perfect weather conditions that you can’t help but grin through. Snowboarders and Skiers Xavier De La Rue; Ralph Backstrom and Sam Anthamatten head to Alaska with a Paraglider set up, and use it to drop in on some wild slopes.

This is one of those GoPro videos that makes you want to stop what you’re doing and go and do some fun stuff. Listen to that feeling – get out there and enjoy yourself!

Sex, guns and rock’n’roll – this one has it all!


Although a few years old, this music video from Biting Elbows is our king of the GoPro videos. It’s like something from a computer game, crossed with the Matrix and a load of parkour movies. Full on action and violence from the very start, it’s one hell of a ride right until the end.


If those videos weren’t enough for you, then check this GoPro compilation out – their very best clips from 2015. You can’t help but feel inspired watching it. Enjoy!


Which GoPro videos have you been blown away by in the last year? We’d love to know which videos you’ve been loving…

Let us know in the comments below!



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