Hope Technology release the Hope Pro 4 hub

January 4th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Tech

Hope Pro 4 – the latest hub from Hope Technology

Hope launched their first hubs – the Ti Glide – way back in 1993. They were immediately one of the most sought after products as being produced in England they had instant appeal for UK riders who loved the no-nonsense approach.

Over the years the hub design has changed a lot, and the latest incarnation launched is the Hope Pro 4.

Hope Pro 4

Left to right: An original screw-on type Hope hub; Ti-Glide; Pro 2; Pro 3 and the latest Pro 4.   Photo | Duncan Philpott

Check this great video out, produced by Steel City Media – it tells the story of the Hope Pro 4 hub, how it was designed and how it’s produced.

It’s great to see Hope going from strength to strength…

Hope Pro 4: Behind the Hubs from hopetech on Vimeo.


Hope Pro 4

There’s something really pleasing about raw CNC machined hub shells – Hope Pro 4 hubs await anodising and final assembly. Photo | Duncan Philpott

Hope Pro 4

The freehub bodies of a Hope Pro 4 hub have the same layout as previous designs, but there are more clicks per revolution. The latest Hope Pro 4 hub uses a 44tooth ratchet which gives a faster engagement than previous models. With 27.5in and 29in being the more common wheel sizes now, Hope has made the flanges bigger too, reducing spoke length slightly which will help build a stiffer wheel. Photo | Duncan Philpott

Hope Pro 4

The Hope Pro 4 hub comes in several versions to suit virtually all bikes: conventional front (convertible axle sizes); Boost 110mm front (also convertible); rear hub (135 and 142mm widths); rear Boost 148mm; Pro 4 150mm rear hub and the Pro 4 DH hub, designed around compact cassettes. Lots of options – and plenty of colours. Or black. Photo | Duncan Philpott



Hope hubs all start life as lumps of forged aluminium billet, from which they are CNC machined, milled, anodised and etched. The end results are beautiful looking hubs with fantastic durability with a full range of spare parts. They’re built to last in British conditions. Photo | Duncan Philpott

The Hope Pro 4 Hub is available now – check out Hope Technology to find out more, and to check for your nearest stockist

Are you a Hope Technology fan?

Do you remember their early products?

Let us know in the comments below!  





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