MTB Xmas gifts | stocking fillers #2

November 30th, 2015

By Andrew Dodd in Features

It’s the first week of December this week – which means time to get your Christmas shopping done is ticking away!

Whether you’re a mountain biker yourself; are looking to buy a friend some cool gifts or want to drop some hints around the house, our MTB Xmas gifts should give you some great ideas for the festive season.

This is part two of our MTB Xmas gifts – check out our MTB stocking fillers here. We’ll be dropping another selection of MTB Xmas gifts this time next week – so be sure to check back, and share this selection around!

Park Pizza cutter

Retail Price |£17.99

Stockist Details |  Madison MTB Xmas gifts

Styled on the classic Penny Farthing, this is the ultimate accessory for post ride snacking! Whilst your thumb rests on the seat, the mudguard protects your knuckles from the sharp cutting wheel when carving a line through the pizza. This is one of our favourite MTB Xmas gifts ever!

Anthony Oram Enamel mugs

Retail Price | £15 each or twin pack for £27

Available From | Anthony Oram MTB Xmas gifts

These classic enamel mugs from stylish designer Anthony Oram are the ideal thing for sipping a brew round the camp fire. If summer camping feels too far away, they make the perfect vessel for mulled wine or cider! Perfect MTB Xmas gifts!

Pedros ICM 17 tool multi tool

Retail Price | £24.99

Stockist Details | 2 Pure MTB Xmas gifts

Every mountain biker needs a decent multi-tool, and this one from Pedros crams in 17 tools including 2, 2.5 – 8mm Allen keys, three spoke keys, chain tool, bottle opener, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, two tyre levers and the all important T25 Torx driver. Even if a tool isn’t the thing you’d want in your MTB Xmas gifts, we all have a riding friend who goes unprepared…

Sugru magnet set

Retail Price | £12

Available From | Sugru MTB Xmas gifts

Sugru is the wonder stuff that starts life as a substance similar in feel to blu-tac, and hardens to form rubber. It can be used to make chainstay protectors, customised brake lever grips or anything you can think of. This is one of the more useful MTB Xmas gifts as it comes with magnets, enabling use for fixing light brackets or even making a custom mudguard mount.

Race Face Chester 35mm stem

Retail Price | £36.95

Stockist Details | Silverfish  MTB Xmas gifts

Available in 40mm or 60mm length, this compact stem from Canadian company Race Face is great value, and ready for the new breed of 35mm diameter handlebars. As with all Race Face components, the Chester stem is bomb proof – one of the MTB Xmas gifts that will keep on giving!

GMBN mugs

Retail Price | £12.50

Available From | GMBN MTB Xmas gifts

Everyone needs a decent mug for the morning coffee or mid-afternoon brew. These ceramic mugs bear the logo of the Global Mountain Bike Network – as presented by Martyn Ashton, Neil Donoghue and Marc Beaumont. Stick the kettle on…

Race Face Crank Boots

Retail Price | £6.95

Stockist Details | Silverfish MTB Xmas gifts

Protect the end of your crank arms from rock strikes with these colourful little caps. Available for both alloy and carbon cranks, they are available in five colours and are great little MTB Xmas gifts.

Anthony Oram AOP type bobble hat

Retail Price | £28

Available From | Anthony Oram MTB Xmas gifts

Everyone needs a decent beanie, and Anthony Oram makes loads of great ones. Some are plain, some have bobbles – and others like the AOP Bobble hat come in great colours and keep your noggin warm. Prime MTB Xmas gifts.

Muc-Off Amino Ultra Endurance cream

Retail Price | £24.00

Stockist Details | Muc-Off MTB Xmas gifts

This scientific cream from Muc-Off has been designed by the men in white coats to help provide your muscles with Endurance power. The Amino Taurine in the cream helps turn Glycogen in to Glucose – which is one of the main muscle fuels. It even claims to help stop arm pump – which would make it one of the more useful MTB Xmas gifts out there…

Honey Stinger Rocket Chocolate bar

Retail Price | £27.75 for a box of 15

Available from | Honey Stinger  MTB Xmas gifts

These energy bars from Honey Stinger are a Factory Jackson favourite – good enough to munch on any time. That’s got to be a good thing when a lot of others taste like cardboard, right? A box of 15 goes for under £30, so you could act like santa and treat your riding mates to a cheeky little xmas ride snack…

Break Fluid coffee

Retail Price | £7.50-27

Available From | Break Fluid  MTB Xmas gifts

Break Fluid is a brand new coffee subscription service set up by mountain bikers, and they aim to deliver the freshest and tastiest coffee to your door.  With a variety of ethically sourced beans, you can choose your variety from whole bean to espresso, filter or cafetiere. Settle for a single bag as a trial, or set up a subscription for the coffee addict friend in your life.

Sock Guy Evel Knievel socks

Retail Price | £9.95

Stockist Details | Silverfish  MTB Xmas gifts

Good socks make you faster. And these Evel Knievel socks will make you jump better too, apparently. Life’s too short to wear dull socks, so treat yourself, or a mate to some awesome Sock Guy socks – they make all lengths, and also merino and full length socks for using with snowboard boots. These 6in regulars are our current favourites.

Mechanix Gloves

Retail Price | £19.99

Stockist Details | Madison  MTB Xmas gifts

Although designed to protect your hands whilst working on hot engine parts, these classic gloves are also great to ride in as they have a thin yet tough palm. They feel great, last ages and when they’re finally too knackered to ride in they can be used in the garage for tinkering. Or you could buy them just for fettling.

We have more MTB Xmas gifts coming this time next week – so if you’re stuck for ideas when buying christmas gifts, check our gift guides out for some ace ideas. 

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