Seven Protection M2 helmet review

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Product Full Name: Seven Protection M2 trail helmet

Retail Price: £59.99

Available From: Decade Europe

Amazing value trail helmet

Sitting in the competitive trail helmet market alongside helmets from Troy Lee Designs, Bell, Giro and Specialized is the Seven Protection M2 helmet.

At a glance it shares similar features to the others, but is nearly half the price of some of the market leading helmets!

Seven Protection M2 Helmet

The details

With 19 large vents; a tough matte finish and quality alloy screws holding the adjustable visor in place the M2 offers a lot. There is fly mesh on the front vents and a dual density core for maximum impact absorption that exceeds the CE standard.

We didn’t know the retail price of the M2 helmet when it turned up and were surprised as the quality of it suggested it would be in the same ball park of the other helmets – you get a hell of a lot of helmet for the money.

Seven Protection M2 Helmet

Details, details, details. The Seven Protection M2 helmet oozes quality.

Like the Specialized Ambush and Troy Lee Designs A1 helmets, the Seven Protection M2 helmet has a close, deep fit – making your head feel very much enclosed and protected – and fits those with more oval heads exceptionally well.

We weighed our M/L sample at just over 350grams – a touch heavier than the TLD A1, but still very light for such a substantial helmet.

Seven Protection M2 Helmet

The fit is excellent, and the adjuster is easy to adjust on the trail. We really like that it is reflective too.

The rear cradle retaining adjuster is huge, easy to adjust with gloves and has a nice reflective detail on it to aid visibility at night. Bonus points, chaps!

The finish of the M2 feels a lot tougher than the gloss finish TLD A1 that I usually wear – and has laughed off several low branch glances with no visible scratches or scuffs.

Out on the trail

Seven Protection M2 Helmet

With the deep fit, the M2 is a solid and substantial helmet. I never once felt exposed or under-equipped when out riding – some thing that I have felt in lightweight helmets previously. It’s a reassuring lid.

I usually use a pair of clear glasses for the mostly dark and dappled trails I ride, but here and there will chuck on a pair of goggles for some uplift action. The M2 helmet works great with both – glasses are not fouled by the lid – even with the lid sitting fairly low on my head – and the large rear offers plenty of space for a goggle strap.

Whilst there are lots of vents, we found the helmet ventilation is hindered slightly by the addition of the bug mesh on the helmet liner. This is a double-edged sword as it really does stop bugs and debris finding it’s way in to the lid – but does restrict air flow, which is noticeable in warmer weather.

I actually trimmed out the bug mesh and it made a massive improvement to keeping my head cool – in an ideal world it would be great for it to be supplied with two pads, one with mesh and one without.

Seven Protection M2 Helmet

The Seven Protection M2 helmet works well with goggles and will be a popular helmet on start lines at Enduro events in 2016.

Despite my eyes being a little offended by the insanely bright orange colour at first, I’ve come to love it – and it really helps with visibility on the road too. There are plenty more colour options though, ranging from boring black to the insane new cyan blue and hot pink models we spotted at Eurobike this year.

We say

The Seven Protection M2 helmet is an excellent bit of kit. The finish is great, and very tough – perfect for those not precious about their kit. The fit is very good and overall comfort high – though we did find the fly mesh restricted the air flow of the more than adequate vents.

We’ve been using the M2 non-stop since it arrived, and rate it up there with much pricier helmets. It offers exceptional value for money and with it’s dual density foam construction should offer plenty of protection in the event of a crash. 

We can’t recommend the Seven Protection M2 helmet highly enough at just £60. Go and try one. 

What helmet are you using at the moment? Do you think it’s worth the money when you consider the price of the M2?

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