New for 2016! Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

August 27th, 2015

By Andrew Dodd in Bikes,Tech

More Eurobike madness today – this time with Intense unveiling the Intense Cycles M16 Carbon DH bike.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Intense Cycles threw a bit of a party to celebrate the incredible looking M16 Carbon. Whilst others quaffed the canapes and bubbly, we enjoyed the view.

With the help of ex-World Cup racer Shaun Palmer, Intense Cycles creator Jeff Steber has bought new life to the iconic brand – along with some seriously exciting models of bike.

Most recently we saw the brand new M16 downhill bike, and the custom Shaun Palmer edition of it much to the delight of the MTB world – especially those familiar with Palmer from the first time round. Even though the alloy model has blown previous downhill frames out the water on both performance and weight, people have been screaming for the carbon fibre model that would surely follow the rest of the awesome new line up.

We’ll have full details to follow, but for now check out some of the stunning lines of what is without a doubt one of the best looking down hill bikes ever made…

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

From every angle, the M16 Carbon just looks right. Lovely flowing lines and a great use of colour.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

It’s exactly as the name suggests.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Seed Composites helped make this frame as nice as it is. Simple and direct internal cable routing looks clean and tidy.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

The VPP design uses compact linkages for maximum efficiency

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Neat drop outs and bolt through detailing.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

You know it’s a good looking bike when a random cropped image looks this good. Awesome looking design.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Built in chain guard and internal cabling help eliminate chain clap and unwanted noise

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

There’s something right about red and black – don’t you think?

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Built in fork leg bumpers help the lovely finish stay that way!

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Drive side action.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Shaun Palmer is back in the Intense family, and is all over the new designs.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Nick Larsen from Fabric Saddles having a laugh with Palmer. There could have been beer involved.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Lap it up.

Intense Cycles M16 Carbon

Oh, so there’s a murdered out black version too? That’s going to make a few credit cards smoulder…

What do you think of the new Intense Cycles M16 Carbon? Is it up there with the Santa Cruz V10 carbon, or is this beast in it’s own level?

Let us know in the comments below!




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