Exotic Mag-Ti flat pedal review

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Product full name: Exotic magnesium flat pedal with titanium axle

Retail price: £86.79

Available from: www.carboncycles.cc

Lightweight, thin and grippy

Exotic is one of the brands of Carbon Cycles, who are an internet only manufacturer that started life in the UK and are now based in Singapore, close to the production facilities in Taiwan. UK customers get serviced by the UK warehouse and customer service department, which may not be as appealing as a bike shop in person – but it lowers the price you pay.

These pedals from Exotic are made from extruded Magnesium, and feature a lightweight Titanium axle. At under £90 they represent good value compared to the very similar Nuke Proof Neutron Mag-Ti pedal, or DMR’s Vault in the Mag-Ti option.


Exotic Mag pedal 1 (1)

They look a lot more expensive than they are!

The Magnesium body measures up 100mm wide, 95mm long and just 16mm thick – at the thickest part. The side profile shows a decent concave shape to help hold your foot in place, and 10 replaceable pins per side clamp your foot in place – and offer you the chance to customise the level of grip you have.

Exotic Mag pedal 6 (1)

A thin profile holds your foot well – when you get it planted. This can be tricky in thick soled shoes as the pedal is so light!

This pedal is extremely light weight – weighing just 294grams a pair. I’m usually cautious of light pedals, as I weigh about 200lbs/90kg – although Exotic don’t specify a weight limit. However, DMR have a weight limit on their Mag-Ti option of the Vault pedal – which has an 187lb/85kg rider weight limit. It’s probably worth observing this is you’re heavy, or are hard on components as the Exotic pedal is seriously light.

The axle is made from Titanium and spins on twin sealed bearings, which remained smooth during testing over a fairly wet period – though now things hve dried out, we’ll see how the bearings handle it and will update you if anything changes.

The concave platform shape holds your foot well, and the sizing is decent too – even for a pair of size 11 Five Ten’s – though myself and another tester observed that the pedal is so light that if you stamp your foot down out of a turn it can be hard to feel where the pedal is, and we both rolled the pedal forward a few times getting our feet back in place. It’s a strange thing to observe on a flat pedal, and not a negative as such, but heavier pedals we rode the Exotic against felt a touch more predictable by feel – you probably wouldn’t notice this with a thinner soled shoe though, and you would get used to it in time.


Exotic Mag pedal 5 (1)

Nice body shape, but the soft Magnesium won’t take a heavy beating


One slight concern we do have with the pedal, is that Magnesium is slightly soft for a component that tends to take such a beating – ours already have a few dings and scars – and we suspect one trip to the Alps might tear a few pins out on rocks; but there is a tougher alloy model available for under £35 if that concerns you. This is a seriously light pedal and might be better suited for trail riding or glamming up a dirt jump bike – as opposed to attempting to survive on a downhill bike!

Exotic do offer a 60 day return policy if you don’t like them – which is worth checking out on the website – and they have a  ‘Fair Play Pledge’ too –  a warranty for real riding in real mountain biking conditions.

We say

The Exotic Mag-Ti is a seriously light flat pedal, with great shape and feel in use – though perhaps a little light for heavy hitters and pedal wreckers.

The price is seriously good though, so if you fancy some ultra light pedals they’re well worth a look…





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