Project #MakeJoeFaster Pt 1

June 3rd, 2015

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Project #MakeJoeFaster | Part 1

Meet Joe Hayhow.

Joe is a 30 something, reasonably fit, reasonably able mountain biker and he’s one of Factory Jackson’s contributors.

He’s got a fair amount of experience on most shapes of mountain bike in most types of application in a lot of different locations. He’s got good technical knowledge from working in the industry in range of roles, and working with a bunch of different people from racers, mechanics, designers and manufacturers. Joe’s been racing on and off for almost 20 years, but like most of us – he rides for riding’s sake.

Joe knows plenty about bikes and basic set-up, so we’ve teamed up with Mojo Suspension  to take an in depth look at the type of bike set-up that you might not consider makes a difference. The end goal is to help make Joe a better rider – so we’ll be putting it to a test against the clock, but will be taking in to account what feels good, and how we make those changes to flatter his riding style.


Meet Joe Hayhow. He’s a mountain biker like you and me, and wants to get the most from his ride.

A tradesman doesn’t blame his tools

Modern mountain bikes are pretty damned incredible – with efficient drive trains, powerful brakes and advanced suspension set-ups they allow us to explore the country side; tear along single track as fast as we dare and ride seriously rough terrain with relative ease. Even box fresh they can be ridden hard and raced these days, and have to put up with a tremendous amount of abuse.

But they can always ride a bit better.  Be it by fine tuning specific details like bar height, width and position – or simply picking the right tyre choice and pressure for your style of riding. With the help of Chris Porter of Mojo Suspension, who is one of the bike industries most indepth fettlers, we’ll be looking at the full set up on Joe’s bike, and how we can make it better for him.


Even a stunning bike like the Ibis Cycles HD3 won’t ride well unless it’s properly set up – we see a lot of badly set-up bikes out on the trails…

Why Joe?

“I’m essentially your average mountain biker – who rises to the challenge of a race, but spends more time enjoying the ride than counting milliseconds.
We’ve all seen how much time and effort is spent by the top pros and their teams in order to shave every last millisecond from a race run; gleam every bit of traction from a tyre or squeeze every last bit of performance from a set-up. But at World Cup level,  results are being measured in milliseconds per minute,  with a level of riding that most of us can only dream of coming close to.
So, substituting a top ranked world cup rider with me, myself and I – and swapping out a UCI trade team for the Factory Jackson address book, I’m looking at what changes can be made to my bike and and possibly my riding position to make real differences to speed and fun on the trail. I’ve been riding a long time – and have probably earnt a few bad habits along the way…”

Joe Hayhow, Factory Jackson contributor.


Joe is no stranger to racing, be it XC, Enduro or Downhill. He’s been around the block but his riding has plateaued. We’re aiming to change that…

Next time in Project #makejoefaster


We take a look at Joe’s bike, and the first niggle that’s been holding him back – the rear shock. His Scott Genius LT may be a great bike, but he’s never managed to get the most out of the back end so we head over to South Wales and visit Mojo Suspension to get his basic suspension set up dialled in.




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