Hope launch amazing infinite adjustment hubs!

April 1st, 2015

By Andrew Dodd in Features

Product Full Name: Hope Infinite Adjustment Hub
Retail Price: Priceless
Available From: www.hopetech.com

Infinite Adjustment Future Proof hubs!

With the ever growing number of rear frame widths being launched and frustration in the market, Hope has identified a need for a future proof rear hub.

After several ideas were tested the final solution proved to be very simple. Inspired by the infinite adjustability of ‘pump’ trainers from Reebok, Hope fitted an expanding air cylinder inside the hub. This cylinder allows the infinite adjustement hub to be adjusted to fit all current and future hub width standards.

The Barometric Uni-Laterally Level Structured Horizontal Internal Tube forms the basis for their patented design. This unit is built in to the central section of our iconic Pro2 hubs and the user simply inflates it until the desired width is achieved. The hubs are designed to suit all frames from 130 to 200mm widths. One current restriction when using conventional spokes is that the wheel must be rebuilt if the hub width is altered, although Hope are also working on a new semi-elastic spoke which allows for this widening of the flanges with changing spokes.

During the research Hope also discovered an additional benefit when installing this new infinite adjustment hub. If the hub is inflated with helium we can also reduce the overall weight of the hub.

We can see these new hubs as a genuine ‘fix all’ solution to the current minefield that surrounds bicycle frame design.


at standard 135mm width, before inflation


At 167mm – the new XDH ‘boostier’ width coming soon

For more information, go to the Hope website. 




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