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Chromag Clutch Grip Review

A grip’s a grip, right? Well not in this case. The Chromag Clutch lock-on style grip has a few tricks up its sleeve – the main one being a huge 146mm width, which enables you to butt your brake levers up against the grip, offering a wide space for control – and a neat look.

Bikes in the Forest

This is amazing! The MONT 24 hour bike race is the largest of it’s type in Australia and the 2012 event was held at East Kowen Forest near Canberra where this is superb collection of […]

Life Behind Bars – New Red Bull Series

This is gonna rule! Join Brandon Semenuk, Logan Peat, and the Coastal Crew in an all new Youtube exclusive series, Life Behind Bars. With the premiere on May 22nd at and with episodes dropping […]