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Product Full Name: Maxxis Shorty 3C Maxx Terra, 2.30
Retail Price: £49.99
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Designed to offer maximum grip in muddy conditions, the Shorty could well be the best winter and mud tyre on the market.

Using a widely spaced block pattern, the Shorty resembles the classic Wet Scream spiked mud tyre, only with shorter knobs for a better all round performance and increased stability on a variety of surfaces. The Shorty comes in the 3C Maxx Terra triple compound and is available in both regular Tubeless Ready, and EXO casings.

We tested the standard Tubeless Ready casing – in 27.5in – which we weighed in at just over 820grams per tyre – and had no problems seating and inflating first time on a few different rims, including Mavic Crossmax UST; Crank Brothers Iodine and Ibis 741’s.

With wide spacing and defined knobs, the Shorty resembles a motocross tyre

With wide spacing and defined knobs, the Shorty resembles a motocross tyre

The Shorty favours wet, muddy and natural conditions – and enables you to confidently cut an edge in on turns that would otherwise be ridiculous. Straight line traction both up and down is astonishing too – and unlike some other mud tyres they don’t make you wince when you encounter roots or rock gardens. When the Shorty decides to break loose, it doesn’t lose composure suddenly – it just eases in to a slide and regains just as calmly. It’s a predictable mud tyre, and when run as a pair offers really good all round performance.

We found the Shorty works well with a little more pressure than we’d run on our usual tyres in similar conditions – locally we found about 27-28psi perfect. You’ll need to use a front fender and a pair of glasses with the Shorty though, as the widely spaced knobs clear mud exceptionally well – even the thick claggy stuff that tends to build up on other tyres comes flying off with the slightest turn of speed.


For out and out performance in muddy conditions, the Shorty is one of the best tyres available and is versatile enough to leave on all winter – though if you ride to your trails on road stretches it can be a chore.



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