Have Rock Shox Gone Inverted?

March 21st, 2014

By Pete in Tech

We’re not 100% sure what Rock Shox have created or are about to release to the world but it looks like they are set to release their first inverted fork to the market.


Details are still very thin on the ground and apart from the odd hint and a couple sneaky spy shots on their Facebook page details are thin on the ground.  What it does look like is that they have created an all fork and it’s going to be inverted.  Rock Shox are not the first to create an inverted fork (DVO Emerald, Marzocchi Shiver, Manitou Dorado etc) but if it’s anything like the new Pike or Revelation forks we think they could be into a winner.

Rock Shox RS1 Sneak Peak

Is it inverted? The sneak peaks from Rock Shox Facebook page seem to suggest so.

Rock Shox got us on the edge of our seat with a riding shot and the text “Everything Changes” over the top.  This was quickly followed by two close up shots of a fork they are calling the RS-1 (the same name as the original Rock Shox fork released in 1989).  We believe the fork will be a lightweight XC fork but will it have a new axle system?  Will it have a new remove ‘stealth’ lock-out system running down the steerer tube (which looks to be a tapered carbon one)?  We do not know…yet.

As soon as we know we know more we will update you but in the mean time we will leave it to the internet to speculate.




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