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Think chain retention and you immediately think of e*thirteen, a bit like burgers and McDonalds. For years now they have held the reputation as one of the finest money can buy and why shouldn’t they? e*thirteen’s range has expanded to keep up with the ever changing bike market, offering a wide range of chain guides from downhill to XC at varying price points, including their TRS (Trail Security) Enduro range of products.

Personally I don’t think you can’t put a price on keeping your chain on and even with a clutch rear mech, you still may need that extra reassurance, which is why we opted for the TRS Dual Guide. In this case the TRS on test is e*thirteen’s ‘base’ option, using a pressed steel backing plate, rather than a machined aluminium one as found on the TRS+ and TRS Race. Weighing in at a mere 183 grams though, it’s non too shabby. We set it up on our long term 2013 Lapierre Spicy 516 and took to the hills…


Words: Nathan Carvell | Photos: Oliver Forster, Thomas Gaffney and Nathan Carvell


Like all chain guides, setup is crucial to its performance. This can be a headache indeed, full of trial and error and dropped spacers. e*thirteen do supply a guide, based on your bike’s chain line and setup, with corresponding coloured spacers to ensure you don’t spend your time fiddling too much. With cranks off and a plan figured, the TRS slotted into place with ease, admittedly there was some fettling to be had for the perfect setup but not too much at all considering it’s a double. You get free stickers too, bonus!


On the trail

Having the clutch rear mech on the test bike the chain hadn’t been lost on many occasions, but there were a handful of times where it did drop when the going got rough. This is where the pricelessness comes in, just being able to carry on pedalling without shifting the front to re-establish the chain, things just pick up from where you left them.


When pedalling in a normal manner there is of course some added noise as the chain goes over the roller, but you’d expect this from any device. In saying that, shifting is not affected at all and support for your chain is as effective in both front rings, 24T and 36T in this case, however the TRS is suitable for chain rings up to 40T – tuning with e*thirteen’s ‘slider’.

Not only is chain retention great with the TRS to ensure your ride isn’t ruined, but it also offers solid protection for your chain rings in the form of a hard plastic bash guard. Ideal on an endure/all mountain bike where you can smash an uplift Saturday, and spin a trail centre Sunday.



While most might argue you need not run a chain guide with a clutch rear mech, and I agree to a point, but a clutch mech isn’t the be all and end all. Regardless of your choice, the e*thirteen TRS Dual Guide is a fine piece of kit. Does exactly what it says on the box, is unobtrusive, easy to fit and most importantly, allows you can ride without a care in the world. Coming in at £79.99 RRP it is a touch expensive given its rudimentary structure, but as the review started, what price can you put on it?

e*thirteen are distributed in the UK by Silverfish. Hit up the logo below to check out the rest of e*thirteen’s range.





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