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Troy Lee Designs Ruckus 2015 review

With a new fit for 2015, the popular TLD Ruckus shorts are the best they’ve ever been – especially if you’re on the lofty side – and make for a great set of all round riding kit when combined with the Ruckus riding jersey…

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HBTV: Modern Day Artisans – Ricky Feather

HBTV are running this amazing feature called ‘Modern Day Artisans’. Focusing on people who hand make cool stuff to the highest standards, this episode is all about Ricky Feather of Feather Cycles. “As is often […]

Specialized Racing: Sea Otter Slalom Finals

If there’s one thing that Sea Otter is good for, its making people talk about slalom racing and for good reason, it’s ace! Specialized Racing brought Aaron Gwin, Troy Brosnan, Mitch Ropelato, Michael Prokop, Anneke […]

ExclusiveSRAM XO1 Eagle 12speed | First Ride

SRAM XO1 Eagle 12 speed offers the biggest range of gearing possible with a single ring, and we’ve been out riding it on our local trails. Full information on the insane transmission right here..