Fort William World Cup Photo Gallery No.2 | The Women

June 13th, 2013

By Nathan Carvell in Features

Following the juniors, it was straight into the senior event starting with the women. Taking to the dry, dusty and sunny stage at Fort William, they hammered down the mountain to 20,000+ screaming fans and with Rachel Atherton, who qualified first the day previous, expectation were at fever pitch. Everyone was keen to see if Rachel could pilot her new GT Fury to a career first win at the Fort, a round whose top spot of the podium has frustratingly always eluded her.

It is this pressure that sits on the shoulders of any rider racing on home soil and one that can tip the balance with such high expectations… Hot on her heels was the French invasion of Myriam Nicole, Emmeline Ragot and Morgane Charre with the super quick fellow Brit Manon Carpenter, not to mention the already stacked women’s field knocking on the podium door…


Words & Photos: Nathan Carvell

Here are your Top 5 in Descending Order…

With the weight of the World Champs jersey weighing heavy on her back, Morgane Charre came in with a solid 5th to start the season, she was pinned coming into the arena but her time of 5:25.492 put her 16.646 second off the top spot. Keep your eyes on her though, she’s a pinner!


Myriam ‘Pom Pom’ Nicole thundered into 4th spot with her fresh sparkly Red Bull lid ‘giving her wings’. A time of 5:24.296 put her 15.450 seconds back though.


Emmeline Ragot bringing it home for a solid 3rd spot on a 5:20.219, putting her 11.373 back. Sporting her French National Champs sleeve it was still a solid result for the Lapierre rider.


Manon, Manon, Manon, my word she is fast isn’t she? Slightly off form due to a spot of food poisoning on Friday, she only managed a handful of practice runs, but to then smash out a 2nd place with a 5:18.985, 10.139 second off the top is massively impressive. One day the Madison Saracen rider will take that top spot then just watch them flood gates open! Oh, and Manon was fastest through the speed trap by a country mile whizzing through at 59.105 km/h!!


Welcome home your winner, Rachel Atherton! Needing no introduction at all, Rachel was clearly leaps ahead of the rest smashing out a 5:08.846, over 10 second on top! Is it the bike? The team? The training? The brothers? Who cares, it was goose bump time as she crossed that line and the arena erupted! I get the sneaking suspicion that this is  that start of a season white wash…


Clearly it was a tiring run, putting your all into a win can certainly take it out of you, but winning is the best form of recovery and Rachel’s energy levels were back for a well deserved bask in the glory!

UCI-DH-Word-Cup-Fort-William-2013-53 UCI-DH-Word-Cup-Fort-William-2013-B

‘Thank you Ft Bill’. Your top five women and the fastest bike of the day. Full results can be found here





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