GT Factory Racing Team Launch & 2014 Production Fury

June 7th, 2013

By Factory Jackson in Tech

With two new team members and with all new proto bikes being spotted at various events around the world, GT are coming into 2013 with all guns blazing. Fort William, arguably the biggest event on the downhill calender, was the ideal location to debut the all new look Factory Racing DH team and the 2014 production Fury, which surprisingly for some, is aluminium and not carbon…

As well as brand new bike, the team have worked closely with apparel sponsors One Industries to launch an all new line of race kit that should hopefully be available later in the year. Gone is the all-black kit of last year and in its place, a much more fitting bright yellow.

Words: Olly Forster | Photos: Sven Martin & Nathan Carvell

The GT Factory Racing DH Team looking exactly that; Factory!

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That place! The Llangynog quarry made famous by these very jumps is first hand insane and quite the spectacle to behold, and if you every think to yourself “reckon I could clear those” – think again!

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Off to Fort Bill to meet the team and their new toy…


GT’s Clive Gosling sums up what the general idea behind the new Fury and with 4 bikes in the range starting from an entry level number around the £2.5K price mark and going all the way up to a £6K factory replica, GT want their bikes “out there” next year and at a race near you!


GT will launch the new Fury in 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L and when combined with a longer top tube and a recommended 35mm stem, GT have not only redesigned the I-Drive, they’ve redesigned the way a bike actually fits the rider. I jumped on the bike here and took it for a spin and for a small, it felt more like a medium… The best thing is, that with frame sizing becoming a hot topic in downhill, its great to see a brand finally acknowledge the relationship between the rider and the bike and not just the bike and the trail. That said, the new Fury is low (13.7″) and slack (63 degrees) straight out of the box.


The new linkage at the top is designed to bridge the gap between the swingarm and main frame increasing lateral stiffness across the whole frame, rather than aid the shock through its stroke. The Fury’s stiffness was one area where the designers really went to town creating a bike designed to squeeze every bit of speed.


While the move to aluminium might surprise many, the new frame is claimed to be 300g lighter than the model it supersceeds and in doing so, has allowed the designers to intricately look at every facet of the new Fury and how and where unwanted weight could be shead. Every thing from the BB shell, to the dropouts and brake mounts have been manufactured and refined in such a way that no excess material exists and the lengths to which they went to do this are pretty nuts to say the least…





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