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Contact points between you and your bike are as important as the ones your bike has with the trail below and with that in mind, the right set up can unlock the way your multi-thousand pound investment feels and handles. While grips might not be the most exciting of products, anyone with enough time gripping them knows the difference a good set will make to the handling of their bikes.

Words: Olly Forster | Photos: Chris Hartley

Grips are really all about personal preference and while it often pays to do your research and find the right one for you, it’s also worth taking a gamble every once in a while and trying something completely new. Personally I like the look and feel of BMX style grips, but then I don’t always like the hassle of wiring them onto my bars or cutting them down to a more MTB friendly length. That’s where the Enoki’s from Deity step into the ring…

The Enoki’s feature a classic 80’s mushroom style pattern, which is laid out in a unique 12 sided profile that is designed to offer increased grip and help prevent your hands from slipping off the bars. Combined with inherent bump absorption qualities of this design and the soft rubber compound, these grips are pretty neat to say the least!

• Flanged Lock-On grip

• 130mm length
• Old School Mushroom Pattern
• 6061 T6 Forged Clamps
• Soft Rubber Compound
• Small Flange allows for clearance with Sram and Shimano shifters
• T-Clamps design prevents unwanted movement from developing
• Oversized 3mm allen bolts for added leverage and to prevent stripping
• Includes expansion end plugs
• Available with various coloured T Clamps with laser logos

Plenty of clearance for both Sram and Shimano shifters – no need to grab the snips!


All in all the Deity Enoki grips represent a great grip with the features and feel to match. The soft rubber compound is surely going to win fans with its dexterity and heightened level of grip – especially for those who prefer riding without gloves! While they will ultimately wear out that little bit quicker than a harder compound grip, the shock absorption qualities and soft rubber offer up the kind of grips I prefer – maximising performance without worrying about longevity… The feel is spot on too, but like all contacts points, it’s all about personal preference, but deviating ever so slightly from what you know you already like, could lead you to the grips you’ve always been looking for. The Deity Enoki grips are also pretty light for lock-on grips coming in at 130g with plugs. At £16, the Deity Enoki Lock-on grips are great value for money and are available in a variety of colours to suit. Recommended rubber!

For more on the Enoki grips, hit the logo below or head over to Hotlines-UK, the exclusive UK distributor. Happy Trails, Olly.





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